The days are getting shorter, but that doesn’t mean that our love of bacon is weakening at all. At every moment of the day, trained dolphins are searching the web on their water-resistant iPads in protected Caribbean lagoons. Why trained dolphins you say?

Well, the dolphins, as you probably know, have the greatest sense of awesomeness in the entire animal kingdom: evolution has shaped their snouts to perfectly pick up on the waves that awesomeness subtly emits, even across the Internet and through the water. Also, the dolphins are willing to work for fish. After a week, they’ve got a whole bumper crop of awesome baconosity to show you guys. After the jump, check out what they’ve found for you.

Bacon Letters

Sometimes, when I’m writing up these blog posts, I feel like there’s something inescapably boring about them. Now, I’ve discovered why: my words aren’t written in a bacon font. The work that helped me come to this conclusion is Henry Hargreaves bacon font. Yes, Henry created an alphabet out of bacon. And this isn’t some computer-generated bacon alphabet – Henry actually hand cut the bacon himself. More photos and details can be found at his site.

Bacon Hash Browns

I’ve long been a fan of McDonald’s egg muffins and hash browns. I don’t understand those people who want muffins for breakfast – you do realize they are basically little cakes, right? – I need something savoury and gooey. But my biggest problem has been that while I like these two menu items, when I’m running to catch my train, I like to have only one had full. Well, these bacon hash browns neatly solve that little problem. And I can eat them after McDonald’s has stopped breakfast!

Bacon Turns Dogs Into Blurs

If you need to have any proof that bacon has magical powers, I think this is a pretty good piece of evidence. A small dog nearly disappears into a blur while trying to snap up a piece of bacon. It’s a good thing his owner didn’t dangle a few pieces of bacon in front of the dog, or that might have been the last thing she ever saw.

Beer, Bacon and Cheese Soup

It’s finally fall – I don’t know if I should be happy or sad about this. One thing that is tipping the scales more onto the happy side of things is the fact that fall means soup, and soup means bacon soup. Bacon soup also means I can put cheese in the soup, because that’s just the sort of thing you do. And if I’m feeling really happy with myself, I’ll just go ahead and make this beer, bacon and cheese soup. Yum!

The Bacon Dress

Well, I have a feeling that the creators didn’t want people to think that this is a bacon dress – mainly because they do not mention the word bacon anywhere on the order form. But it’s pretty obviously bacon, right? Some people might think this would make this dress ugly; I think it makes it super awesome. Ladies: buy this dress immediately!