There is nothing that says comfort and relaxation quite like a late-morning (or early afternoon) weekend brunch. After a week of running around, frantically working, and keeping appointments, treating yourself to a bacon breakfast is a well-deserved reward and an important energy boost.

Whether the rest of your Saturday is full of yard work, or will involve nothing more strenuous than curling up with a good book, a bacon-lover’s breakfast is the perfect addition to any weekend.

Here are some of my absolute favourite ways to incorporate bacon into a delicious, indulgent brunch.

Bacon & Eggs Benedict

This perennial brunch favourite practically screams for a subtle variation. While I love the original, I find that sometimes ham can be too sweet and soft to stand up to the richness of hollandaise sauce. But replace it with bacon, and suddenly the combination of creamy poached egg, silky hollandaise, and crisp English muffin is balanced perfectly. That bit of crunchy saltiness is just the kick this dish needs.

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Ultimate Brunch BLT

I am a great fan of farmer’s markets, and this is the perfect late brunch meal to put together after browsing your local growers’ most luscious produce. Heirloom tomatoes, artisanal mustard, fresh grainy bread and old cheddar become something close to a perfect sandwich when combined with a few rashers of Maple Leaf bacon. This is the kind of BLT you make when you want a boyfriend to start thinking of you as marriage material.

We have the Ultimate BLT Recipe, remember our BLT soup recipe?

Bacon Breakfast Muffins

When I lived in Calgary, a local bakery made a version of these savoury-sweet breakfast muffins that had me completely addicted. After I moved away, I took a long time perfecting my own version of this portable brunch bit of edible genius. Starting with a basic bran muffin recipe, these lovely confections include bits of maple sugar, a crumble of cheddar cheese, and a generous quantity of handmade bacon bits. Maybe I should share this recipe in another blog entry?

Muffin Recipes!

I hope you all have a lovely, restful, bacon-filled weekend ahead of you!