We like to reward innovators. Anyone who is brave enough to experiment with foodstuffs, and bring bacon to new heights in the process, is worth of attention and support in our books. We’re always on the lookout for courageous folks who harness the power of their brains and the motivation of their bellies to do something spectacular with our favourite food.

As it so happens, a culinary revolution is taking place across North America. They have been featured on the television shows Eat Street and The Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network. That’s right: food trucks are gaining in popularity are are fundamentally changing the way people go out to eat. Where a food truck will stop, and what exactly they will serve, changes day to day, making mealtimes part hide-and-seek, part scavenger hunt, and all delicious. They also present some unique challenges to chefs working on the food trucks, as inviting meals need to be cooked and assembled in a very small space and presented in a way that customers can eat on the go.

It is no surprise that many food trucks choose to make bacon a key part of the meals they serve, as the flavour an aroma of bacon is something few street-wise gourmets can resist. Here are a few food trucks that are raising the bar of deliciousness and helping people get their bacon fix on the go.

Bacon Mania

With a name like Bacon Mania how could we not talk about this incredible food truck? Bacon Mania, known for their iconic snout logo, are based in Orange County, where they dedicate themselves to making the world a little more beautiful (and bacon-y). Their menu includes such strokes of genius as bacon balls (nuggets of golden mac and cheese that are wrapped in bacon and deep fried), chili con bacon (made with generous amounts of hickory smoked bacon, fire-roasted tomatoes and locally-brewed beer) and piggy-back sliders (a pork-on-pork masterpiece of pulled pork and bacon). Am I the only one who’s drooling?


This Los Angeles-based food truck has dedicated it’s entire menu to celebrating the perfect food that is bacon. Lardon takes their quest to showcase all things bacon very seriously, and their menu includes items that can satisfy bacon cravings for all possible meals. Menu highlights include a breakfast sandwich composed of fluffy brioche french toast, a fried egg, and a generous helping of crispy bacon; and a dessert made up on a brownie topped with nutella frosting and bacon crumble. Prepare your tastebuds for an all-bacon extravaganza!

The KGB Burger

Unlike the other food trucks mentioned here, Curbside in Baton Rouge has some non-bacon items on the menu. But what they do have is the KGB burger, a cheeseburger that is completely beyond compare. The bacon they use is not mere ordinary bacon, but candied praline bacon. They take the time to coat their bacon in a mouthwatering combination of brown sugar, butter, vanilla extract and pecans, which forms and incredible, nutty, caramel crust on the bacon and makes this burger a sweet, salty bit of heaven.

Tell us, readers: what are your favourite bacon-rich food trucks?