The home of a bacon-lover is immediately recognizable. It is doubtlessly warm and friendly, with the unmistakeable and mouth-watering scent of bacon lingering in the air. Maybe a few crispy rashers are even draining on some paper towels as you walk in, or some bacon banana bread are bubbling away in the oven. A bacon lover’s home is always welcoming, a place where you want to relax and stay a while (and hopefully be treated to a snack or a meal!).

But what if you want to take your bacon love to the next level? What if you want to make your home more immediately recognizable as the residence of a bacon fan, and not just by the tempting smell and the well fed occupants? What if you want to bring bacon into the very decor of your home?

Lucky for you, there are tons of options to help you take on the great home bacon-ification project. Here are just a few examples of home decor based on this most beloved foodstuff.

The Bacon Cheeseburger Bed

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Come on. Who hasn’t wanted to sleep on a giant bacon cheeseburger? The through crosses my mind daily, though I might just be a little bit special. Recently a Craiglist posting made this dream a reality for one lucky buyer who became the owner of a custom made bacon cheeseburger bed. The top bun is a removable bean-bag chair; one sleeps on a king-mattress-sized beef patty and is covered by a cheese and bacon blanket.

Pig Couch

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Philadelphia, PA-based artist Pavia Burroughs has added to the milieu of bacon decor with this incredible piece of furniture. She created this plush, lovely couch shaped like a pig. While not technically bacon, it hearkens to the origin of bacon and would be a spectacular showpiece in a bacon-themed living room.

Wall Bacon

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An easy and reasonable way create a bacon theme when decorating your home is to hang some bacon-based art on the walls. This bacon-themed linocut we found, printed on a wood block, is an awesome example of a decoration we adore.

Bacon Kitchen Decor

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Decorating with bacon is never more appropriate than it is in the kitchen. Whether useful or decorative, bacon-themed objects are a natural choice for a bacon lover’s kitchen. We love the bacon, egg and toast pot holders. A hand-painted bacon-dripping container is another lovely and functional addition to a bacon-friendly kitchen.

Bacon Stationary

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Once you have your home fully outfitted with all the very latest in home decor, you will have to invite the rest of your bacon-loving friends over to see the fruits of your labour, and enjoy a fantastic meal. What what better way to invite them to such a grand dinner part than on bacon stationary?