There’d no denying it any more, bacon-lovers: we are deep into Autumn now. Lemonade has been replaced with hot chocolate and cozy sweaters and scarves are worn daily. Weekends that were previously spent outside, jogging in the park or browsing a farmer’s market, are much more likely to be spent inside. Now that I can see my breath every time I go out, I am much more likely to spend my Saturdays curled up in bed with a good book and a cup of tea, and my Sundays in front of the television in my jammies, watching a Battlestar Galactica marathon. I will most likely be snacking on this cinnamon bun recipe.

Cooling weather doesn’t just mean that we’re changing the way that we spend our time, but we also change the way that we eat. More time indoors means we tend to cook fewer large meals, and instead snack or graze throughout the day. When I settle down to watch a bunch of horror movies on a gloomy November afternoon, having some salty and delicious snack food is a must. And what makes any snack, especially the salty and delicious kind, even better? Bacon, of course!

Here are some amazing bacon-based snack foods that are just perfect for dark Autumn afternoons.

Bacon Parmesan Popcorn

Move over, caramel corn, there’s a new popcorn combination in town and it is life changing. This wonderfully savoury, all crunchy, and amazingly cheesy bit of snack heaven is the perfect way to make watching a stack of movies on a lazy weekend feel like an even greater indulgence. Bacon bonus: not only does this dish contain bacon crumble, but the bacon fat is also added to the oil to be drizzled over the popcorn for a double hit of bacony goodness.

Maple Bacon Party Mix

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Looking for something to eat by the handful while watching sports in your oh-so-comfortable living room? Look no further than this incredible recipe for maple bacon party mix. The mix is sweet from the maple syrup, salty from the peanuts and bacon, has a hit of heat from some cayenne pepper, and boasts an incredible texture from the Chex cereal. This snack of champions is the perfect accompaniment to a beer, some chicken wings, and a day of watching Football. I am also pretty sure I am in LOVE with this blog.

Devils on Hatchback

On a night when cooking a single main course just doesn’t feel right, a meal of appetizers is sometimes exactly what you need to hit the spot. A killer recipe that is just perfect for a meal of finger food is Helen The Nanny’s incredible recipe for Devils on Hatchback (a play on the traditional Devils on Horseback, so named for her use of hatch chilies). Chilies are stuffed with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon, baked in the oven and drizzled in honey. If that doesn’t sound like the perfect pairing with a glass of wine and a lot of Law and Order episodes, I don’t know what does!

Banana, Chocolate, and Bacon Spring Rolls

A wonderful sweet-and-savoury take on the classic spring roll, these nibbles of bacony goodness are a perfect late-night snack, with some hot chocolate of course. Whether you’re having a night in watching horror films of cartoons, these spring rolls with provide a great deal of comfort.

The Sweet Sweet Bacon Shake

Who doesn’t love a smoothy on the weekend? This incredible invention isn’t your average shake, however. This heavenly beverage combines salted caramel ice cream, a hefty helping of candied bacon crumble, and lots of bourbon. The shake is also garnished with even more bacon. If this doesn’t have you laid out for a long weekend nap, we don’t know what will!