The first things that draw people to bacon are, of course, the alluring smell and incomparably delicious taste. Few things get my mouth watering like walking into a kitchen where bacon has been cooking. The lingering smoky smell in the air is enough to get even the most restrained dieter jonesing for a BLT. And there are few pleasures that can compare to that first bite, the sweet fat and smoky meat titillating the palate and overwhelming the taste-buds.

But the appeal of bacon can extend beyond the gustatory and olfactory senses. Bacon isn’t just wonderful to eat; it is also rather pretty to look at. The combination of pearly fat and bright, red meat with lovely brown, caramelized spots is aesthetically attractive all by itself. This combination of colours and the way they are laid together in variable stripes makes bacon its very own natural work of art.

When seen in this light, it suddenly becomes not such a huge stretch of the imagination to see how bacon could inspire patterns, fabrics and clothing. Here are just a few of the incredible outfits and pieces of high-fashion clothing that have been inspired by bacon.

The Bacon Tuxedo

Looking to make a splash at a wedding or take centre stage at the office Christmas party? For any semi-formal occasion, the bacon tux is always the right choice.

Meatwad Dress

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This incredible creation, by Jia Jem, was made by sewing real bacon and salami between sheets of clear vinyl.

Bacon Shoes

Who doesn’t want their tender tootsies cradled by some sweet kicks with this stylish bacon print?

Bacon Scarf

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This lovely scarf is truly a fine example of the textile arts, as the weave and texture of the fabric mimics the look of bacon almost perfectly.

Bacon Tie

Looking for that edge at the office, something to take your business attire to the next level? Look no further!

Bacon Nail Polish

While not technically clothing, this definitely falls under the category of fashion. What better way to get an above-average manicure than ask for a sweet bacon design on your nails?

Bacon Earrings

Looking for the perfect accessory to finish off your bacon-inspired outfit? These custom-made, dangly bacon earrings are sure to be a huge hit! They add personality and a tasty cheekiness to event the most conservative ensemble.

Bacon Pyjamas

At the end of a hard day, what better to slip into than warm, comfy bacon-print pyjamas? Not only will they inspire sweet dreams of bacon, but you’re sure to be perfectly dressed fr the next day’s lazy brunch.