Is this bacon-lover’s humble opinion, the combination of bacon and a cheeseburger might be one of the best food matches known to man. A bacon cheeseburger is one of the world’s perfect meals. The rich, flavourful, juicy beef is complimented perfectly by he crisp saltiness of the bacon and the creamy texture of the cheese. Is anyone else’s mouth watering?

While the classic beef, bacon and American cheese burger is an undeniable home run when it comes to flavour combinations, this basic premise has been taken to spectacular new levels by some creative chefs. There are some bacon burgers and bacon cheeseburgers that offer truly mind-bending twists on this classic diner favourite. We’ve assembled a few of our favourite variations here, for those looking for a few special twists on the traditional bacon burger.

Turkey Burger with Applewood Bacon

Not every great burger needs to be made of beef. Turkey is a great alternative, one that produces a moist and flavourful burger with a lighter calorie count. Moo Burger in Brooklyn, NY has introduced a Turkey Burger with Applewood Bacon and Cranberry Mayo to their menu that has critics raving. A play on classic turkey dinner favourites, this burger is particularly tempting as the American Thanksgiving rapidly approaches. With just a hint of sweetness from the mayo, this burger is a surprisingly healthy meal that sacrifices no deliciousness.

The Donut Burger

Once a novelty food, relegated to county fairs and other midway events, cheeseburgers that eschew buns in favour of sticky-sweet donuts are gaining popularity as a legitimate meal choice. One diner that as taken this over-the-top burger combo and perfected it is the Burger Bistro of Bay Ridge, also located in Brooklyn, New York. Their Donut Burger is turning heads and winning converts to the sweet side. Their particular take on this incredible combination features a beef burger made with coarsely-ground meat, American cheese, Applewood-smoked bacon and, for even more richness, a whole fried egg. While not for the faint of heart or those worried about their waistline, this eggy, bacony, meaty, cheesy creation is truly crave-worthy.

The Quadruple Bypass Burger

Many burgers set themselves apart from their competition with unique flavour combinations and novel presentation. The Quadruple Bypass Burger at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas, NA goes for quantity before everything else. The burger itself consists of four beef burger patties, each topped with mounds of bacon and oodles of cheese. The burger is served as part of a meal with french fries cooked in pure lard and a milkshake that boasts the highest butterfat content in the world. Eat it all, and you’ll have taken down 8000 calories in a single sitting.

Stellar’s Apple Burger

The Apple Dumpling Cafe in Gilbert, AZ has added a sweet, fruity twist to the classic bacon cheeseburger. Stellar’s Apple Burger comes topped with a home made raspberry chipotle sauce, tangy Muenster cheese, and sauteed bacon and apples. The combination is a little sweet, a little savoury, and all delicious, perfect for a cheesebuger fanatic looking to try something new.