We sure do love our readers here at The Republic of Bacon. No one has a more creative, dedicated and observant following of bacon-lovers than we do. Our readers are always on the lookout for new and exciting bacon-inspired foods, products, and other items for us to share on this blog.

Recently, while settling into their favourite coffee shop to read the paper and relax with a cup of tea on a wonderful autumn afternoon, one of our eagle-eyed readers spotted an sign advertising a magical-sounding beverage: The Maple Bacon Latte. This remarkable drink was featured prominently at the counter of the quaint and cozy Red Rocket Coffee shop in Toronto, Ontario. After they snapped a couple of pictures and informed us of this incredible concoction, we immediately sent out a crack team of bacon experts to investigate.

The Maple Bacon Latte is truly a work of genius. The drink combines bacon-flavoured syrup (which imparts a wonderful smoky flavour), incredibly high quality coffee, and real Canadian maple syrup. Then the whole thing is topped off with an crumble of home-made candied bacon. The coffee itself is expertly brewed from organic, free-trade beans supplied by The Reunion Island Coffee Company. We promise, this drink is even more delicious than it sounds.

Even More Bacon Goodness

Amazingly, the maple bacon latte isn’t the only work of bacony genius these innovators have up their sleeves. Currently on the menu as a recommended (though adventurous) pairing to their bacon-kissed coffee delight is something that they call The Elvis Empanada. This tender nugget of profundity contains bacon, banana, and peanut butter, what some consider the Supreme Trifecta of Food Indulgence. These luscious ingredients are folded into a wonderfully flaky crust, brushed with a hint of cinnamon sugar topping, and baked to golden brown perfection. They also make an excellent, and somewhat more reasonable breakfast empanada that contains bacon, egg and cheddar cheese for those who prefer not to treat eating like a sport.

We’re pleased to report that the chefs at The Red Rocket have also tried their hands at making sweet-and-savoury bacon-inspired desserts. The result of their saccharine experiments is the deliciously decadent Sweet & Spicy Salted Caramel Brownie. The brownie batter contains just a bit of cayenne, which adds great depth to the flavour and a background note of warm smokiness. Topped with salted caramel and a perfectly crispy twist of bacon, these bacon-based confections are both head-turning and heart-stopping. Just thinking about them is making my mouth water!

We encourage you to keep your sharp eyes open and your ears to the ground, and keep sending in these scrumptious and informative bits of bacon information. We just love researching new and creative uses for this most delicious and versatile product, and want to reward the innovators who are brave enough (and hungry enough) to tread new grounds in the noble pursuit of baconification. We can’t wait to see what you come up with next!