Wrapping things in bacon is a culinary tradition with a long a storied history, one that has been well-documented here at the Republic of Bacon. We’ve often written about the best things to wrap in bacon and the delicious results. From sweet little sea scallops to entire succulent chickens, there is no limit to the things that can be enrobed in bacon. Even vegetables, such as the humble asparagus, become stellar when sheathed in a delicious bacon exterior.

Sometimes, wrapping something in bacon just seems like too much work. You’re tired, you’ve worked hard, and you want the incomparable flavour and texture of something wrapped in bacon, but just don’t have the energy to put into cooking prep-work. In the past, weary chefs would have to choose between a quick, baconless meal and a more labour-intense bacon-wrapped alternative.

But now, thanks to new advances in the field of bacon science, the noblest of all the scientific disciplines, some of the labour is being taken out of the bacon-wrapping process. More and more foods can be purchased pre-wrapped! That’s right, you can now purchase many delicious comestibles already enveloped in a veil of bacony goodness.

Hot Dogs Get Wrapped

One of the newest products to grace the pre-baconified market are bacon wrapped hot dogs. These scrumptious dogs are the creation of Los Angeles-based company Hoffy, and are in part a reaction to a recent poll that resulted in the bacon-wrapped hot dog being named the official hot dog of LA. These dogs are perfect for time-strapped bacon-lovers who are unwilling to sacrifice getting their favourite dogs without taking valuable bacon wrapping time out of their busy schedules. Carefully following the cooking instructions will ensure that the bacon layer doesn’t fall off, and before you know it, you’ll be treated to an indulgent and delicious meal with minimal effort.

Filet Mignon Steaks with Bacon

Hot dogs are far from the only food available that comes already wrapped in bacon. Filet mignon steaks, each individually pre-wrapped in a strip of bacon is amazing! This imparts a wonderfully smoky flavour to the steak, and the while the fat in the bacon keeps the very lean filet moist during the cooking process. These are perfect when you need to really impress a dinner guest, but find yourself short of time – such was a last-minute date!

Bacon Wrapped Scallops!

And of course, the classic hors d’oeuvre, bacon wrapped scallops are easy to make nestled in strips of bacon. These little nuggets of bacony perfection are not only a classy option when entertaining, but because they come with the prep-work completely done for you, they are perfect for those times when last-minute visitors drop in. Just pop them in the oven while you get dressed or tidy the house, and by the time your guests arrive you’ll be able to present them with a gourmet appetizer.