There are a million gift ideas out there for the bacon lover on your Christmas list. As the popularity of bacon has surged in the last couple of years, more and more companies and independent artists have capitalized on the cultural phenomenon. Never before have more bacon nick knacks and doodads been available for the bacon aficionado in your life. You can stuff your bacon lover stocking with bacon mints and bacon candies, and trim the tree with bacon-themed ornaments.

But what about the bigger ticket items? What about for those loyal folks who truly revere bacon, and deserve (and want!) an bacon themed gift that goes beyond small tokens and novelty treats? Have you ever considered giving someone the gift of bacon as their primary Christmas present?

If this idea has ever crossed your mind, we here at the Republic of Bacon are here to help! For this week’s instalment of Bacon Love Friday, we’re here to give you some luxury bacon gift ideas for the true bacon fan in your life.


We recommend giving Maple Leaf Bacon as a gift. Let’s all be serious, bacon is amazing and delicious. The real question is why wouldn’t you give it as a gift? I think you should also try the Lazy Maple Bacon or the Hearty Slice Bacon that Chef Rob loves to use.

Bacon Truffles

Made of the finest chocolate and highest quality meat, these bacon truffles are completely out of this world. Each truffle is handmade, using organic cream and pure cacao, and is topped with a sprinkle of either hickory smoked bacon or caramel bacon toffee. These truffles are unquestionably an indulgent gift, something to pamper a special someone.

A Bacon Vacation

Much like a wine tour or other culinary journey, why not surprise your sweetie with a bacon vacation? Plan a trip around a bacon event happening in the new year, such as one of the excellent Bacon Festivals taking place around the country, or to another bacon centred event, like the Ann Arbor, Michigan Camp Bacon!

Bacon Perfume

A spa in the Wicker Park area of Chicago has developed a new perfume evocative of bacon. It comes on two varieties, designed to appeal to both men and women, and is said to “remind customers of happy times and childhood.”

Bacon Jewelry

If you want to break out the big guns when it comes to holiday gifts, you can’t go wrong with jewelry. Why not class up the idea of giving a bacon-themed gift by giving you loved one something like these incredible bacon cufflinks. Made of copper, with silver for the streaks of fat, these cufflinks are gorgeous and eye-catching, sure to be the envy of every bacon lover out there.