Bacon and the holiday season have something in common: indulgence. A meal with bacon is always a meal to savour, something a little bit special, something that feels like a treat. Just think about it: brunch with friends is a fun way to spend a late Sunday morning, but brunch with bacon becomes a luxury. A steak on the bbq is a summer staple; a bacon-wrapped filet on the bbq is a restaurant quality feast.

The same is true with the holidays. Even the strictest and most healthful folks loosen their belts for holiday meals, and the tightest purse strings are loosed to purchase a bounty of presents for friends and loved ones. Every meal is a feast, every gathering a celebration. There is something about the whole holiday season that makes even the smallest bit of cheer into a memorable event.

Because of this overlap, this shared tendency to make the ordinary into the extraordinary just by association, when the holidays and bacon are combined, the results are nothing short of spectacular.


For example, take the humble candy cane. Emblematic of the holiday season, certainly but also not much revered as a sweet. These peppermint sticks are now used just as much as a decoration or a prop as for eating, and few would list them amoung their favourite candies. All in all, they are much loved, but taken for granted. But trade this classic sweet in for bacon candy canes? Now you have a treat that will be talked about for ages. Guests will merrily argue over who gets the last one, an online stores tend to sell out as fast as stock arrives.

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Or, regard the chestnut. Another famous trapping of the holiday time, chestnuts roasting over an open fire is a tradition that has been preserved and celebrated in Christmas carols and stories. But how many people have actually roasted as chestnut as part of their celebrations? This is a dying tradition, something from a previous age. But the chestnut is now enjoying a renaissance as a rich holiday snack thanks to recipes likes bacon-wrapped chestnuts. Adding bacon has taken the chestnut from forgotten foodstuff and lifted it back into the realm of contemporary holiday treat.


Another much-lauded and much-loved Christmas tradition is sending Christmas cards. The annual list of everyone who was to receive a card and their address used to be considered a veritable family heirloom, and being added to the list was was a mark of acceptance and pride. While everyone loves receiving Christmas cards, fewer and fewer people want to take the time to write them and ensure the expense to mail them, especially as electronic communication becomes more and more popular. But now, novelties likes these bacon-themed Christmas cards encourage younger folks to keep up this fine tradition.

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When bacon and the holidays are join forces, it’s always a winning and indulgent combination!