Here at the Republic of Bacon, we love bacon cookies. There is something about the cookie that reminds me of so many positive memories, like being given milk and cookies as a bedtime snack when I was a kid. Cookies very often become synonymous with treats, little edible rewards that let us know that we are doing well and that someone loves us.

Also, because cookies are so easy to bake, they are often the very first sweet thing that we learn to bake on our own. Making that first batch of perfect cookies all by yourself boost your confidence, and that sense of accomplishment makes them taste all the sweeter. With all these positive associations, the only real way to improve something as wonderful as a cookie would be to add bacon.

If your holiday celebrations are anything like mine, you’ll be engaging in the age-old tradition of cookie exchanges this Christmas. Not only do all of my aunts and cousins get together for a huge sweets exchange, but we also do an exchange of holiday confections at work. This means that I end up doing a fairly epic amount of baking in the month of December. While spending this much time in the kitchen, it was only so often before I started dreaming up ways to add bacon to the whole affair.


On to the Cookies!

Recently, we recommended adding a recipe for smoky bacon ginger cookies to your regular holiday baking rotation, using this stunning recipe to rule all your cookie exchanges. Our readers loved the suggestion, so we found you a few more excellent bacon cookie recipes for you to use!

Banana Cookies

One of my new favourite recipes is this one for bacon banana cookies. I somehow seem to accumulate overripe bananas in my freezer, and this is a great way to use them all up once you’re tired of making banana bread. The cookies themselves are quite dense and cake-like, with a wonderfully soft texture that contrasts beautifully with the crunch of the bacon.

(photo by: Chia Chong)

Eggnog Cookies – Going Traditional

If you’re looking for a bacon cookie recipe that is particularly festive, then this eggnog and bacon cookie recipe is for you. The cookies are flavoured with nutmeg and cinnamon (as well as some actual eggnog), evoking that luscious holiday drink. Chunks of candied bacon add sweetness, texture, and, in the words of the recipe’s author, a generous serving of awesome. Santa is sure to leave you some extra presents if you leave a plate of these out for him!

(Photo by: Cereal Baker)

Peanut Butter Cookies – Bringing Back P&J

When you want to go overboard, nothing quite beats a peanut butter cookie with chocolate and bacon.

(photo by: HowSweetEats)

The recipe is sweet, and salty, and the chewy peanut butter cookie texture is just heavenly. I have experimented with this recipe from time to time, and quite like a double chocolate version that involves adding cocoa to the peanut butter batter. And have to confess, I have even contemplated taking it further, my adding any extra bananas left over after the first cookie recipe and making a banana-peanut-butter-bacon-double-chocolate concoction. I feel that Elvis would approve.