In many ways, bacon is an emblem of indulgence. The sweet, fatty saltiness of bacon seems to combine everything about food that we love, but should not have too much of. Adding bacon to a meal makes it an instant treat. But what is bacon could actually relieve some of the symptoms of overindulgence as well as being something special all by itself?

Let’s be honest with each other: the holidays are a time for overindulging. For most of the year, the average person tried to be reasonable, watch their waistlines, not party on school nights, and generally live as a responsible human being. But the Holiday times is a time when all of that goes out the window, when people loosen their belts and eat and drink whatever they want. No one is on a diet during the Holidays, and regular health regimens and workouts can all be resumed in January. There is something magical about this time of year, when all the usual rules are suspended.

Of course, overindulging (especially when it comes to drinking) does have some consequences. Between office Christmas parties that get a little rowdy, to family gatherings where one of my crazy uncles breaks out the moonshine, there are at least a handful of days over the holidays when I might need a hang over cure. . Luckily, I know I can count on bacon to come to my rescue on mornings when I am feeling rough and get me back to celebrating before you can say “eggnog.”

The classic antidote to a night of overindulgence is, of course, a bacon and egg sandwich the next morning. The combination of protein, saltiness, delicious bacon, and sweet comforting cheese make it a home run hit every time. I like Martha Stewart’s version of this classic sandwich, as she uses bagels for the bread component. This never fails to help me feel human again.

Drinks on Me!

If you prefer your morning pick-me-up in liquid form, then bacon comes to the rescue again! Sometimes there is nothing better on a rough morning than a fizzy, effervescent seltzer beverage. Instead of the traditional tablets, bacon lovers have the new effervescent bacon drink tabs to turn to. Drop a couple of these into a glass of water and rehydrate yourself in style. If nursing yourself on a difficult morning with a bit of the hair of the dog is more your style, then I bet this fizzy bacon goodness could be the foundation to a wicked mixed drink…

Beef Tenderloin – Yum

Finally, the best way to treat a holiday hangover is actually to prevent it entirely. By taking a few cautionary measures, like drinking a lot of water and planning your evening, you can avoid some of the more unpleasant side effects of a night of partying. And once again, bacon comes to the rescue! Eating some bacon before you indulge in some drink will encourage you to drink more water and stay hydrated, as the bacon will be salty and therefore make you thirstier. Also, eating something with bacon and a lot of protein and some carbs, like this incredible bacon-wrapped beef tenderloin with herb stuffing, help you absorb drinks more slowly. This is much better than drinking on am empty stomach.

So bacon cures over-indulgences of the drink variety that can happen over Christmas, but as for over eating? No cure for that but a nap. :)