What do miracles have to do with bacon? Why, everything!

The holidays are a time of year when miracles seem truly possible. Average people make extraordinary gestures, breaking out of their every day routines to brighten a strangers life, like the anonymous and good-heated folks, dubbed the “layaway angels,” who have paid off the K-Mart layaway accounts of dozens of strangers. No matter who you are and what you believe, Christmastime tends to bring out the best in everyone, and make things that otherwise seem completely beyond the realm of possibility into something real.

Bacon Miracle Magic

As for a bacon miracle? Here we turn to the humble town of St. Louis, Missouri, where a young man named Matthew Willer had a dream. Matthew set out to create the world’s largest bacon explosion, to set a work record in fact, an just in time for Christmas. If that doesn’t make you heart swell three sizes, I don’t know what will. Willer has always dreamed big; his initial attempt at a bacon explosion doubled the recommended recipe. A typical explosion calls for 2 pounds of bacon and 2 pounds of sausage; Willer’s creation was a whopping 8 pounds, or what I weighed as a newborn baby. Then Willer learned of an unofficial record that had been set with a 60 pound bacon explosion, this ambitious meat lover decided to shoot for the stars and double that.

The Record has Been Set

Of course, Willer was not alone as he went about the creation of this bacon miracle. Like any heartwarming story, he had a little help from his friends. The members of Willer’s kickball team sponsored him to help cover the cost of the 120 pounds of meat he had to purchase for his record-breaking attempt. Another close friend, Matthew Guillot, designed and built a custom smoker to accommodate the festive meat log of joy; the smoker itself had to be over 12 feet long. After a long cooking process, the giant bacon explosion was as delicious as it was massive.

There is a bittersweet ending to this tale of ambition, Christmas spirit, and bacon. When Matthew submitted is record-breaking meat creation to the Guinness Book of World Records, to make his domination of the bacon explosion official. Unfortunately, there is no “bacon explosion” category currently in the Guinness records, and a representative said that they are currently unwilling to create one.

However, there is hope. The representative also stated that: “It is possible we may open a new record category for bacon explosion in the future, should it evolve into something recognized worldwide and we receive multiple claims to break it.

You know what to do, bacon lovers. Contact the Guinness World Records and encourage them to make an official category for the bacon explosion, and get Matthew Willer’s incredible creation officially recognized as a record-breaker!