Who doesn’t enjoy a lovely, long, relaxing massage? Soothing music, therapeutic aromatherapy, and of course the massage itself, easing tense muscles and frazzled nerves. Even the person on your Christmas list who is most difficult to buy for will love some time at the spa.

But what if there was a way to improve a massage, to make it even more appealing for the bacon lovers of the world? What is there was such a thing as a bacon-scented massage? In a world where bacon personal lubricant is a real thing, a bacon massage is possible for anyone lucky enough to snag a bottle of this smoky liquid gold. But one professional masseuse is taking the idea of a bacon massage even further, and offering them as an official special for clients.

Just for the month of December [ Editors Note:We just found out about this amazing massage last night], Indigo Fountain Therapeutic Massage in Silverdale, WA has added a bacon-scented massage to the official service menu. Owner Anthea Kranovich has christened the bacon massage “the manliest massage ever.” In addition to a one-hour deep tissue massage, clients who purchase this service also get a discount for a bacon cheese burger as a local bar and grill. If that doesn’t sound like a heavenly afternoon, I don’t know what does.

Kranovich says that the idea for offering a a bacon massage has two sources. First, she and her husband both adore bacon sandwiches as a midnight snack (demonstrating that they have excellent taste). Also, her mother suggested that they offer bacon massages while brainstorming ideas for holiday specials, declaring that bacon is “good for everything.” We couldn’t agree more, Mama Kranovich!

And don’t worry: Kranovich promises the smell of bacon dissipates, just like a traditional massage with lavender-scented products would, so you won’t have to walk around smelling like bacon all day (not that we’d complain).

True Bacon Lovers

All bacon lovers share a common bond: we cannot get enough bacon. Bacon for breakfast is as appealing as bacon for dessert. A delicious roasted chicken for dinner sounds great, but a bacon-wrapped chicken sounds even better. But it doesn’t stop there. Bacon lovers sport bacon-patterned ties or comfy pyjamas emblazoned with images of smiling bacon strips.

The freshen their breath with bacon mints and protect skinned knees with bacon bandages. Bacon lovers don’t just let their passion dictate their diet, but proudly announce their preference to the world in many ways, large and small. Because of this, those that love bacon lovers are also always on the hunt for new and exciting bacon products to serve as the perfect gift. A bacon-scented massage most definitely qualifies as a new, novel gift idea for the bacon lover in your life!