For all of you bacon fans out there planning your own New Year’s Eve bash, in today’s Edition of Bacon Love Friday we’ve put together a list of the very best canapes to help you all host your own party of the decade!

For many bacon lovers out there, it is officially the end of the holiday season. After all the Christmas parties and family gatherings and present opening bonanzas are over, for many folks it is time to return to the real world (perhaps a few pants sizes bigger). Most of us have even finished hitting up all the boxing week sales, bargain hunting and even getting a start on next year’s Christmas shopping. Even so, the holidays are winding down and normalcy beckons.

However, before we all return to the daily grind, there is one more holiday looming on the horizon: New Year’s Eve. If Christmas is the ultimate holiday for kids, who are encouraged to open a zillion awesome presents and OD on chocolate, then New Year’s Eve is the equivalent debauch for adults. This is the night when even the most staid, restrained folks have a few glasses of bubbly and really let loose. It is a night of romance, of hope and new beginnings. And for a lot of die-hard party throwers and dinner hosts, it is the last major chance to entertain before the holidays are officially over.

Angels on Horseback

These delightful little nubbins of deliciousness are somehow both rugged finger food and incredibly sophisticated all at once. The delicately cooked oysters are a perfect accompaniment to holiday drinks like martinis and sparkling wines. The smokiness of the bacon makes these bites more substantial and the lemon juice keeps them fresh and bright. Both light and satisfying, they are sure to please at any cocktail party.

Candied Bacon and Apple Canapes

(photo courtesy of Pillsbury Bake-Off)

These lovely little nibbles are literal award-winners, having claimed the Pillsbury Bake-Off title in 2010. The have just a bit of a tangy bite from some blue cheese, some sweet saltiness from the candied bacon, and a built-in palate cleanser in the fresh, green apple. Using store-bough pie crusts makes these babies a snap to make.

Peanut Butter and Bacon Bites

These sweet and savoury little bites seem quite unassuming, and guests are sure to comment on how droll the pb-and-b combination is, but we guarantee that those same guests will snarf these puppies down incredibly fast as soon as they have a taste. The peanut butter gets some added zing from Worcestershire sauce and scallions, which in turn highlights the subtle sweetness of the bacon. I find these are absolutely fantastic with scotch, brandy or rum-based drinks.

Plum and Bacon Packages

Reportedly of Czech origin, these canapes have a subtle sweetness to them from the plum, but are certainly not candy-like, and have a lovely contrast of textures as well. This is a great addition to a canape menu that doesn’t have any dessert items, to satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth’s!