There is more than one kind of bacon on the world, loyal readers. For all of you out there setting into your New Year’s Resolutions to eat right and get in shape, the answer is not to cut out bacon entirely, but rather to add a different kind of bacon to the mix!

When we talk about bacon, we are generally talking about side bacon. These thin strips of salted, smoked deliciousness are taken from the side and belly of the pig, and are characterized by streaks of fat mixed in with the meat. It is this fat that gives bacon it’s characteristic sweetness and crispiness when cooked. However, there is another kind of bacon that is a little bit different, though equally delicious, and generally works as a low-fat alternative to ordinary side bacon.

I’m talking about back bacon. Back bacon comes from centre-cut boneless pork loin. It is a much leaner cut than the typical side bacon, although it does contain just enough fat to make is juicy and flavourful. Back bacon is often called Canadian bacon by everyone outside Canada; Canadians themselves often call it “peameal bacon,” a reference to the pea meal or corn meal that often coats the outside of back bacon.

We think that back bacon is just delicious, with its meatier texture and versatility is cooking. The folks at The Real Canadian Bacon Co. have a few recipes that will give you some great ideas for how to use this delicious bacon product.

First, you have to try the Q107 Breakfast Sandwich. Named after a classic rock radio station, this sandwich is a show-stopper [Editors Note: No-pun intended]. The back bacon is brushed liberally with a mixture of bbq sauce, maple syrup, beer and other scrumptious seasonings. The meat is also topped with cheddar cheese, which is a natural companion to all things bacon. The recipe also suggests you can add scrambled eggs to the dish, which we heartily endorse for even more breakfast goodness.

If you’re feeling the need to take back bacon off the breakfast table and do something for a main course. For that, may we suggest the Full Monty Cristo. This beauty of a sandwich features black forest ham, cheese, loads of veggies, and lovely back bacon tucked between pieces of sweet and savoury french toast. This is definitely a sandwich that is a full meal!

What are some of your favourite back bacon recipes? We would love to hear them!