There isn’t really much to say about French onion soup recipes – it’s simply delicious. It’s the great beginning to a winter meal since the flavours are so deep, dark and rich. Heck, I could eat this for the meal itself! The thing is smothered in delicious gouda and parmigiano cheese. It’s impossible to be bad. And then the bacon… oh the bacon. The last time I made a soup recipe was the Potato Leak Soup, way back in October.

Now, you might look up and see that the cook time is 1hour. Now don’t be alarmed, the soup is extremely easy to prepare. It just takes a while for the onions to brown properly.

Here we go!


6 strips Maple Leaf Bacon

8 Small Onions, roughly 2lbs

2 tbsp Butter

1 Bay Leaf

8 sprigs Fresh Thyme

2 tbsp All Purpose Flour

1 cup White Wine

900mL Beef Stock

1 cup Shreeded Gouda

4 tbsp Parmigiano Reggiano

8 slices Baguette


1. First thing we’ve gotta do is cut up our bacon into half inch strips. In the bottom of a large saucepan or dutch oven, give them a fry until they’re crispy.

2. While your bacon is doing what it does best, let’s take care of our onions. We’re gonna slice your onions nice and thin so that they brown really well and we get every last bit of flavour out of them.

3. Once your bacon is crispy, remove it from the pan, leaving the rendered fat. Add in your butter, and the whole lot of the onions, plus your bay leaf and the thyme.

4. Sautee your onions on medium to medium-low heat until they are a deep golden brown. It will take roughly 45 minutes, with some occasional stirring so that they don’t burn on the bottom. Be patient, you will be surely rewarded.

5. Once your onions are beautifully caramelized, stir in your flour and let it cook for a minute, then add in your wine and beef stock. Season with salt and pepper, and let your soup simmer for about 15 minutes.

6. In the meantime, cut up your baguette into ½” rounds and toast them under the broiler.

7. Spoon your soup into some oven safe bowls or ramekins and top with your toasted baguette.

8. Top with both cheeses and throw these under the broiler until the cheese starts to bubble.

9. Oh baby, try not to burn yourself as you chow down!