Here at the Republic of Bacon, we believe strongly in supporting and promoting any new pro-bacon causes we come across. Today, we are pleased to announce that we have been introduced to an excellent new source of bacon love. Allow is to introduce the Baconery, an online bakery specializing in baking with bacon.

These purveyors of deliciousness peddle all manner of bacon goodies (most sweet but a few savoury as well), having perfected their recipes, and are willing to deliver their scrumptious creations right to your door. These smart folks are capitalizing on the fact that baked goods containing bacon have never been more popular – and we commend them for their desire to innovate as well as their dedication to the cause of spreading bacon love the world over.

The Baconery was founded by Wesley Klein, whose love of both breakfast and desserts caused him to unite the sweet with the savoury. He describes himself as a “mad scientist,” [Editors Note: That would be by far the best job title, we promote that he should change his title from owner to Mad Scientist] combining various flavours and taking culinary risks to come up with the very best new bacon products on the market. Since his first experiments with bacon and sweets, he has assembled a crack team of top chefs and acquired the finest ingredients available.

Labour of Love

We are pleased to say that the fruits of Klein’s labours sound absolutely delicious. What has the Baconery come up with, you may ask? What products to they offer? Just about anything that come out of your oven and even more.

To start off, there are bacon cookies, including chocolate bacon cookies (our recipe) and chocolate peanut butter bacon cookies (which the site promises with set “your stomach a-rumblin’”). They also offer their unique take on a bacon brownie. Feeling something more savoury? Then you’ll have to check out one of their breads, like bacon banana bread, or perhaps a delectable bacon blueberry muffin. You prefer your sweet things? The Baconery offers a full line of incredible bacon chocolates, including bacon marshmallow bars that still haunt my dreams. Finally, they also offer monthly specials – which, at the moment, happens to be something called a french toast bacon muffin. Anyone else suddenly hungry?

As an exclusively on-line bakery, you can order any of their products and have them delivered right to your door. Some of their more sensitive products, like muffins and breads, are only available if you’re willing to pay for overnight or two-day shipping, so as to not compromise the freshness of the product – and who can blame the Baconery for wanting their delicious baked goods to arrive in the best shape possible.

The Baconery has generously sent some samples to us here at The Republic of Bacon, we will be eagerly testing soon. We can’t wait to tell you how they all taste!