If you’ve ever needed the ultimate piece of proof that bacon can truly improve any meal, no matter how bland, look no further! Research has shown that bacon can redeem what is notoriously the weakest cuisine of all time: airline food.

Airline food has been much maligned over the years, having been the butt of nearly every professional comedian’s jokes at one point or another. While jokes about airline food’s terribleness are so common they have become cliche, this does not make the criticism any less true. Travelling can be a hassle at the bets of times, especially air travel these days, with crazy new security requirements and other stress. Just when you need a comforting snack most, airline food always answers with something incredibly unappetizing.

Luckily, the infamous tepidness of airline food has a new redeemer: none other than bacon! When bacon is introduced into the equation, suddenly the approval ratings from guests aboard a flight go up dramatically. The British airline EasyJet just conducted a survey to determine what their guests’ favourite in-flight snacks were – and the traditional bacon sandwich, or “bacon buttie” as it is colloquially known in the UK won hands down. Not only did it beat out the next most popular option (cheese on toast), but it got four times as many votes! That means bacon the clear winner in this particular match up.

Long Live Bacon

The popularity of the bacon sandwich as declared by passengers is supported by sales numbers two, as EasyJet has sold over 2.5 million bacon sandwiches on board it’s flights since the tasty treats were introduced in 2008. That is a lot of bacon, and a lot of happy passengers! [Editor Note: Check out some of our awesome bacon sandwich.]

Passengers who voted for the bacon sandwich sandwich noted that they like the comfortable familiarity of the dish (as well as it’s deliciousness). Those who were travelling away from Britain stated that it was good to have something substantial at the beginning of their travels. Other folks who were travelling home to Britain noted that the bacon sandwich was something familiar that seemed to be welcoming them home. Bacon always brings people together and makes them feel good!

Comforting Smell

And airline food wasn’t the only culinary contest that EasyJet’s research declared bacon the winner of. They also polled their readers for the most comforting food smell, something that was both incredibly appetizing and also made them feel comfortable and secure. And guess what: bacon won again, earning the honour of most appealing food aroma. It’s truly a banner day in the world of bacon research!