The holidays are well over by now but that doesn’t mean you won’t be hosting any amazing parties. My friend hosted a party last week and asked that I help by bringing some ‘dipping food’. I searched through all of our amazing bacon recipes but only found one long shot dipping recipe, the hush puppies recipe. It really isn’t considered a ‘Dipping Food’, that is why I decided to bring some simple hummus but the whole ordeal frustrated me. That is why I decided to search the web for the best Bacon Dipping Recipes

But what happens when you’re throwing your fifth party in a week? After you’ve served bacon hors d’oeuvres, wrapped many a main course in bacon, and even broken out the bacon desserts and bacon cocktails, what else is there to do? Fear not! We at the Republic of Bacon are a never-ending source of bacon inspiration, and once again we have some great social eating suggestions.

The next time you host a fine bacon-centric gathering, try setting out a collection of bacon dips! As delicious as they are novel, these dips are a great alternative to pre-assembled finger food. They go brilliantly with raw veggies, pita chips or tortillas. Guests can snack as they chat and socialize, so setting out dips is a great and satisfying way to avoid the formality of a sit-down dinner. Any leftovers also make incredible sandwich spreads for later in the week!

Creamy Bacon Dip

The most straightforward suggestion is this warm and creamy bacon dip. We found this great party snack on the Detroit Free Press. The creaminess comes from a combination of cream cheese, queso fresco and sour cream, with some added brightness from chopped green onions. This dip is as versatile as it is yummy, and is equally tasty served with crusty bread or baby carrots for dipping.

Horsing Around Dip

If you’re looking for something with an added kick, this bacon horseradish dip is just what the doctor ordered. Once again featuring a healthy dose of sour cream and cream cheese (not to mention all the bacon), the horseradish in this dip is really what makes is something special, particularly if you do as the recipe’s author suggests and use fresh, homegrown horseradish. We really like this dish with a garnish of chives. Additional tip: any left overs should be spread on sourdough bread and topped with roast beef for one of the best leftover sandwiches ever.

The Canadian Style Dip

If you’re someone who just cannot deny your sweet tooth, even after all the baked goods circulating around at the holidays, then this cinnamon-maple bacon dip will be perfect for you. Featuring the sinfully salty-sweet treasure that is candied bacon, this dip is a must-have for an indulgent New Year’s Day brunch. Spread on a buttery croissant or dolloped between slices of french toast, this dip is nothing short of heavenly.