It’s been confirmed: beloved chef Paula Deen has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Paula is speaking out against the disease, and has gone public with her plan to get healthy. Through a combination of moderate diet, exercise, and new medication, Paula plans to document her journey toward health and inspire her fans to do the same. We wish Paula all the best and a speedy recovery!

It’s safe to say that most folks would consider themselves bacon-lovers; even vegetarians occasionally cheat on their otherwise rigorous diets in order to enjoy the sweet saltiness of this irresistible food. But there are some people who take bacon love to a whole new level, people who designate themselves bacon warriors. These special folks dedicate a bog part of their lives to bacon innovation, coming up with new products and delicious recipes on a full time basis, all to help spread the glory of bacon. The geniuses at J&D’s Foods come to mind, as does Wesley Klein of the Baconery. Paula Deen, mainstream celebrity chef and comfort food icon, is without a doubt one of these people.

In honour of her, and to do our part to celebrate her invaluable contribution to the world of bacon, here are some of our favourite Paula Deen bacon recipes!

Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf

I always loved meatloaf when I was a kid, and this twist on the classic American comfort food takes it to a whole other level. The little bits of crumbled bacon add delightful little pockets of salty goodness, and the cheddar adds incomparable flavour and texture. Once you try bacon cheeseburger meatloaf, you’ll never go back!

Fisher Nutter Bacon Cheese Ball

We’re not sure where the “fisher nutter” part of this recipe comes from, but this sure is one incredible cheese ball. Featuring three types of cheese and a generous ten strips of bacon, and with a great, spicy hit from the pimentos, this is one of those dishes that will make your guests declare to be “super rich” but then the whole thing will have mysteriously disappeared in moments.

Bacon Wrapped Bread Sticks

It is the simplicity of this recipe that makes it genius, and it is something I would never have throught to try until Paula introduced it to my repertoire. Ordinary beadsticks become extraordinary when wrapped in bacon, baked til crisp and sprinkled with parmesan cheese. Easy and life-changingly delicious!

Deenlicious Bacon Crab Dip

Every Southern woman has her own secret recipe for crab dip, and this particular version is completely off the hook. With lots of zip from green onions and hot sauce, smoothness from the cream cheese and luxurious crab, and four whole strips of bacon for even more punch, this recipe is sure to be a dinner.

Today, raise a strip of bacon in honour of chef Paula Deen, and remember to stay healthy, bacon-lovers!

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