We all know that bacon has magical powers of deliciousness, but what about magical powers of healing? It true! Recent research has revealed that the very same bacon that goes so well with scrambled eggs and buttery toast is an excellent cure for chronic nosebleeds!

We at the Republic of Bacon had written about the surprising health benefits of bacon before, but this particular area of bacon medicine is all new to us. It turns out that bacon has even more extraordinary health benefits than being simple brain-food. This was not a simple blog post, mind you, or a bit of trivia based on a small-sample survey. This information as published in a real, medical journal, with the impressive name of the Annals of Ontonogy, Rhinology and Laryngology. Whew!

It turns out that ordinary bacon, beloved the world over, has very real benefits when it comes to treating chronic nosebleeds. The cure itself is implemented in a pretty hilarious way: the bacon is stuffed up the nosebleed sufferers nose, and when it makes contact with the “nasal vault” it effectively stops the haemorrhage!

Like many miracle cures being rediscovered by modern medical science, this study resurrects information that is actually quite old. It turns out that this ‘cure’ was documented back in the 1940s but that the practice fell out of favour due to infections caused by contaminated meat. Now that modern refrigeration and food safety practices are much more advances, techniques like this are making a resurgence.

Bacon has featured in a number of folk remedies that are still being passed around to this day. It has been claimed that bacon is effective against minor infections of the skin, especially boils and carbuncles. There are some who even claim that it can be effective against acne cysts (which we admit seems a bit counter-intuitive). Bacon grease has also been recommended as a natural treatment against haemorrhoids. Not to mention that this remedy says bacon even helps get splinters out! We don’t recommend you try any of these old-fashioned remedies, and rather stick to antibiotics and doctor’s visits, but reading up about them can be pretty funny. :)

But it is not just old-fashioned bacon remedies that are catching the eyes of doctors; new, modern bacon treatments are emerging all the time. Recent studies suggest that sodium nitrite, the preservative widely used to cure bacon, is also effective at treating the mucous build-up suffered by cystic fibrosis patients.

Once again, bacon saves the day!

Warning: This article is not providing advice. This article is intended to bring to light the humourous side of Nosebleeds.