As professional admirers of bacon, we appreciate that there are many fine ways to enjoy this magical foodstuff. Eating it, for example, is the logical first step. We take great pleasure here at the Republic of Bacon in bringing you all of the very finest bacon recipes so that you can make your own bacon delicacies at home. We also love telling you where you can buy great bacon dishes and products from other chefs and artisans. But sometimes, merely eating bacon isn’t enough. Sometimes bacon-lovers are inspired to express their feelings in the form of art – and, specifically, through the medium of song.

This post is for everyone who loves bacon enough to have a bacon playlist on their iPod, for all those folks like us who have made a bacon sandwich so delicious they just had to serenade it before it could be consumed. For today’s edition of Bacon Love Friday, we’re sharing with you some of the best songs and albums that are about, and that make reference to, out beloved bacon!

Golden Axe – Liquid Bacon

When Golden Axe were writing this album, whose songs are inspired by music from video games and cartoons, they wanted something that would immediately inspire joy and conjure a cheery, surreal, retro flavour. A little bit of thrash, a little bit of 8-bith synth, this album will give you flashbacks to playing video games with your siblings on a Saturday morning while the smells is sizzling bacon wafted in from the kitchen.

Mucky Pup – “Death By Cholesterol”

If you’re looking for something to rock out too, something to feed your need to headbang as well as your need for bacon, then the tune “Death By Cholesterol” by the hardcore punk band Mucky Pup is definitely something that will get you moving. Stage dive!

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion — “Bacon Xtra Acme USA”

This groovy tune is smooth as bacon sizzling in a pan. For some bacony goodness delivered via old school rock and blues, this song is the way to go.

Bacon Fat

Moving on from songs and albums that are about bacon, American blues harmonica player and singer Rod Piazza formed a band called Bacon Fat in 1968. This crispy little number, “Up The Line,” comes from the 1970 album Grease One For Me.

Burnt Bacon

If you need a little more Southern twang in your musical diet, then look not farther than Burnt Bacon. This New Orleans based band dishes out some swampy delta blues like nobody’s business.

What are some of your favourite bacon songs, albums and bands, loyal readers? Share them with us in the comments!