We here at the Republic of Bacon believe in celebrating bacon in whatever way possible, and certainly encourage our readership to enjoy bacon media. We have recommended books on this site before, usually fantastic cook books overflowing with scrumptious recipes for the ardent bacon lover to try at home. But sometimes true bacon aficionados want to look beyond recipes to get at the true soul, and story behind bacon. For that, we have to turn to some fiction and non-fiction titles that prominently feature bacon.

If you’ve ever thought about starting your own bacon book club, here are some excellent selections to get you started!

Bacon and Hams

Bacon and Hams, originally published in 1917, is a book by George J. Nicholls, a bacon lover and merchant who lived in London at the turn of the last century. This strange, lovely books serves as a chronicle if Nicholls’ great love for bacon, who at one points states, correctly, that “there is no better breakfast that bacon.” The highlight of the text occurs when Nicholls describes dressing up as side of bacon for a fancy dress party in 1894, and winning first place in the process.

Bacon: A Love Story

We’ve blogged about this great, non-fiction exploration of bacon by Heather Lauer before, but it bears mentioning again here. The book is filled with excellent bacon facts and history, so it’s a great way to brush up on your bacon trivia with which to dazzle your friends at your next dinner party. But the book is also much more than that, chronicling the adventures of the author as she travels, trying many in credible bacon dishes, taking part in bacon stunts and generally getting up to all kinds of bacon shenanigans. We promise this text is both informative and fun.

Snake ‘n’ Bacon

It you’re looking for an illustrated text, that this zany comic book will definitely be right up your alley. Written and illustrated by cartoonist Michael Kupperman, the comics employ absurdist comedy and surreal techniques, making it both hilariously funny and extremely strange. The comic was optioned to be made into a television show by Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network, but was dropped after the pilot (probably for being too weird). If you’re up for something completely different, look up the old comic books and give them a spin.

Do you have any favourite bacon books, loyal readers? If so, please share them with us!