Breaking Bacon News!

Today, the bacon work is abuzz with news, that a beloved fast food chain, is introducing a bacon milkshake to it’s menu. The shake doesn’t seem to be a permanent addition, and in fact the official press release from the purveyors of pork themselves say that its stay on the menu will be “as limited as limited can be.” This threat of scarcity seems to have made it even more popular and bacon lovers all around the Unites States are flocking to their nearest restaurant to get a taste of this savoury sweet confection. So far, the response from bacon lovers has been thunderously positive, and new blogs are even springing up where people can record their first-time reaction to the glory of the bacon shake. My recommendation: Don’t go start another blog! Just comment on ours below!

We here at the Republic of Bacon have been proponents of bacon-infused beverages for some time. We’ve advocated for the use of bacon in mixed drinks and celebratory cocktails on more than one occasion. But when it comes to sweet stuff, we’re only briefly engaged with the potential deliciousness of a bacon milkshake.

So here, for all you bacon lovers with sweet tooths, are some of the other amazing bacon shakes currently being served around the world. We’ve even dug up a couple of recipes for you!

Sweet Sweet Bacon Shake

One beloved bar, known as Bailey’s, has been making waves serving a Sweet Sweet Bacon Shake to locals and regulars for some time. Thos boozy shake is definitely a grown-up treat, but the teeth-annihilating sweetness will make you feel like a kid again. Slightly smoky bourbon is combined with salted caramel ice cream and finished with candied bacon. Doesn’t that sound incredible?

Bacon Pumpkin Milkshake

Located in Austin, Texas, Pig Vicious is a restaurant renowned for it’s mastery of all things pork. One of it’s seasonal favourites is something called the Pumpkin Bacon Milkshake, which contained pureed pumpkin, cinnamon and nutmeg, and a ridiculous amount of candied bacon. Fans rave about this one, and we are dying to try it!

The Pigshake

Another winning bacon-and-booze combo shake can be found at Flash’s, where they call this concoction the Pigshake. There is a beautiful simplicity to this shake, which contains bacon and vanilla ice cream blended together until smooth and a generous dose of rum. What’s not to love?

Maple Bacon Shake

Looking for something to make yourself at home? Check out this excellent recipe for a Maple Bacon Shake. The recipe calls for the use of bacon fat in the milkshake itself, as well as a generous garnish of crispy bacon. We think that candied bacon would also be an excellent addition to this recipe.

If you have any great bacon milkshake tasting experience of recipes to share, we would love to hear from you!