While it is true that most of our energy here at the Republic of Bacon goes to talking about the edible and delicious form on this product, we also have plenty of room in our hearts for everything called bacon. Take, for instance, the actor Kevin Bacon. We love playing Sex Degrees of Kevin Bacon on long car trips, and have been known to organize Kevin Bacon film festivals in our living rooms where we serve only the finest bacon snacks.

Photo Credit: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

As it turns out, Kevin Bacon has something to celebrate: the prolific actor has recently been added to the cast of a new TV serial killer drama! The dashing Bacon will play the heroic lead. We can’t wait! In celebration of this terrific bacon news, we thought we’d dedicate today’s edition of Bacon Love Friday to all our favourite Kevin Bacon films.


This 1990 comedic horror film sees a young Kevin Bacon, playing rough-and-tumble jack-of-all-trades Valentine McKee, taking on giant killer sandworms in the Nevada desert and winning the heart of a lovely seismologist. This officially ranks as one of my favourite good/bad movies of all time.


Also in released in 1990 and much darker, this movie sees a group of young medical students inducing near-death experiences in each other to record the effects. Things go terribly wrong and this movie is equal parts compelling and disturbing, perfect for date night if you’re on the braver side. Kevin Bacon plays David Labraccio, a medical student literally haunted by his childhood wrongs.

A Few Good Men (1992)

In this intense military courtroom drama, Bacon plays prosecuting attorney Jack Ross, who is trying to convict two Marines of murder. He plays opposite Tom Cruise and Demi Moore, the legal defence team, who have uncovered a much larger plot.

Footloose (1984)

A breakout role for Bacon, this film seem him playing a teen who loves rock music and rock and roll, who them moves to a super-conservative small town where both activities have been banned. Bacon’s character decides to defy authority and attempt to get the ban overturned to his class can have a prom.

X-Men: First Class (2011)

Here we see a mature, brooding Bacon play the villainous Sebastian Shaw, showing off his range as he effectively portrays a character as fascinating and sophisticated as he is evil and violent.

What are some of your favourite Kevin Bacon films?