What’s that tantalizing aroma permeating the air? That’s not simple the smell of bacon, sizzling away and making out tummies rumble. That is also the scent of love, of romance and togetherness. That’s right bacon lover’s, it’s the week of Valentine’s Day (happened yesterday if you forgot). And as any hopeless romantic knows, there is simply now greater way to show you love for another person than to give them the gift of bacon. While it’s true that red roses and heart-shaped chocolates are more traditional offerings, to show someone you really care means getting creative and going outside the box. And for that, this Valentine’s day you need some bacon.

For this very special entry, we scoured the internet looking for some of the most loving and creative romantic gestures out there, all featuring bacon. Hopefully some of these great ideas with leave you inspired to go out an surprise your sweetie with a little bit of bacon love today!

Bacon Roses

We’ve written about this particular gift before, but it’s such a stunning and romantic touch that we couldn’t leave it out. Each delectable rose is carefully crafted out of strips of crispy bacon, making this gift as stunning as it is delicious. We particularly recommend bringing your loved one a bouquet of bacon roses while you serve breakfast in bed, so that they can be admired for both their looks and taste!

Bacon Sculpture

We love it when people play with their food, and some of the best romantic gestures have a little bit of cheekiness to them. For example, check out this amazing and romantic tableau, from Terry Border’s creative new book Bent Objects. Of full bacon sculpture is a little advanced for you, why not just craft some bacon into the shape of a heart on your sweetie’s dinner plate?

Bacon Valentines

Everyone loves getting Valentines, so why not make your special someone feel even more important by getting them a bacon Valentine? These clever little typographic gems are the perfect way to convey your feels and let your beloved know that they rank close to bacon in that special place in your heart.

Valentine’s Bacon

This might be our favourite romantic bacon adventure: The Slow Cook decided to make their very own bacon, by smoking and curing a pork belly, just in time for Valentine’s Day! By all reports it was delicious, as the first sampler exclaimed: “I was startled and gratified by how distinctly all of the brown sugar, maple and hickory flavors asserted themselves.” If you want to make someone feel truly special this holiday of love, make them your very own custom bacon!