Even though Valentine’s Day officially happened earlier in the week – which means all that delicious heart-shaped chocolate is now on sale! – love is sill in the air here at the Republic of Bacon. February is still sprinkling it’s magic love dust all over it, and cupid’s arrows are a-flying. Maybe it’s spring being right around the corner that has been making us feel so frisky, but whatever the cause, we are feeling gosh-darn romantic.

It’s a well known fact that bacon and romance go hand in hand. There are innumerable ways to show your bacon-loving sweetie that you care about them, from bacon-wrapped treats that make up a dreamy dinner for two to grander gestures like bacon roses or even a stunning bacon weave. But what about the ultimate romantic gesture? What if you want to propose with bacon?

For this Bacon Love Friday, here are some great way that you can pop the question with bacon at your side!

Proposing With Bacon

One lucky couple already managed a bacon-themed proposal! When Chuck proposed to Allison, he knew that to really impress his future bride he’d have to use bacon. He formed several delicious, crispy strips of bacon into a heart and placed the box with the ring in the centre of it, then presented Allison with his wonderful creation. Is there any wonder why she said yes? The couple are still happily united to this day, brought together by the power of bacon.

Bacon Ring

Now, Chuck just used a plain old diamond, but what if you want to stay on the bacon theme for a ring? Well, then you’re going to want to pop the question with something like this stunning bacon ring. This lovely bit of glass is like a wee strip of bacon wrapped around your beloved’s finger. We can’t imagine a more perfect symbol of your love.

The Wedding Planner

Then, it’s on to planning the wedding! If you decide to hire someone to help you with all of the details involved in getting a wedding organized, you’re going to want someone smart and creative, someone who’s values match your own. How could you go wrong with Celebrations by Amy Bacon? I’d trust her to plan my wedding! Something about her name just inspires such confidence…


Then, you’ll have to send out the invitations to all the friends and family you want to share in your special day. Don’t you think this bacon stationary would be just perfect?

Here Come The Bride All Dressed In Bacon

Finally, any bride knows that on your wedding day, it is absolutely paramount to look your best. Your hair, your makeup, your shoes all must be carefully chosen to ensure you are a veritable matrimonial vision, and a wedding dress is without question the most important part of this look. We think that this incredible bacon dress would make any bride look absolutely perfect on her special day.

No matter how or when you choose to pop the question, we hope you make bacon a part of your romantic celebration!