Bacon is renowned for it’s near magical powers to bring people together. The aroma of bacon wafting in from the kitchen calls a family together more readily than any dinner bell. An offering of bacon is sure to solidify and truce and heal any grudge, and event he pickiest eaters and generally won over by the enticing smell and delicious flavour of bacon. To smell bacon is to smell peace and comfort.

But it is not only people who are brought together through the wonder of bacon: a love for this tasty product crosses even species barriers, as participants in the 19th Annual Beggin Pet Parade proved this past weekend.

On February 12th, 2012, 8000 dogs and nearly 80,000 people attended the parade, which this year proudly bore the theme “Love For The Smell of Bacon.” The parade is a celebration of the love between canines and humans, and is held every year in St. Louis, Missouri. The event, hosted Nestle Purina PetCare, donates proceeds from he parade to the Open Door Animal Sanctuary, an animal rescue an adoption organization.

World Record Attempt

This year was even more special that usual, however: in addition to celebrating the wonder that is bacon and the sway that it holds over both human and canine noses, the event also represented Guinness World Record setting attempt. The organizers and participants hoped to set the record for “Most Dogs In Costumed Attire.” While the official announcement of victory is forthcoming, initial counts indicate that over 1300 dogs in costume were present for the parade, more than doubling the previous record on 603 set in Japan in 2011.

While the dogs in costume were definitely a highlight of the parade, bacon also figured very prominently in the festivities. There were innumerable ways for both the owners and their pups to express their Love for the Smell of Bacon theme, including bacon-themed games, tasting activities where the lucky dogs could sample bacon-flavoured treats, and plenty of bacon samples for the humans provided by Grillmasters.

We’ve written about bacon celebrations and festivals taking the world by storm before, but this is the first bacon-themed party for dogs we’ve ever had the pleasure of reporting on. We hope that this novel and delicious event sets a new standard for inclusive bacon events around the globe!