There are lots of ways to demonstrate your devotion to bacon. You could, for example, choose the route that I have chosen and write brilliant articles for a blog devoted to bacon. Another less literary, albeit more permanent option to show your overwhelming love of bacon would be to get a fabulous bacon tattoo. While some of these are fantastic (and others, even we have to admit, are somewhat ill-advised), I do realize that body art might not be for everyone. Another equally striking, but much more casual and changeable option is sporting some super styling bacon jewellry.

There are many options for bacon-related baubles for you to wear to show your affection for this most delicious of all meats to all and sundry. Here are a few of our favourite pieces.

Bacon Earrings

What I love most about this set of playful little bacon-shaped earrings is that they are mix and match. There are cute little egg earrings, even cuter little bacon earrings, and they can be combined together to create a wearable bacon and egg breakfast. What a perfect accessory to wear to brunch!

Bacon Necklace

This striking piece, which looks almost exactly like a piece of bacon on a silver chain, is definitely something you would wear for a fancier occasion. Can you imagine swanning into a cocktail party, wearing a slinky black dress and sporting a spectacular hairdo, with this piece around your neck? You would end up being the Cinderella of Bacon!

Statement Necklace

Sometimes, a piece of jewellery that is just in the shape of a piece of bacon can seem a bit to…subtle. When you really need to make your point clear, why not just hang a little sign around your neck that says “I Love Bacon?” That way, there can be no mistaking your intentions.

Bacon Ring

This incredible ring is probably my favourite of the bunch. Exhibited as part of the Facere Gallery, this beautiful, sterling number is called “This Little Piggy.” We think that this piece would make a spectacular gift for someone special. Or, we can imagine, would make the perfect ring for something even more romantic: a bacon-themed proposal or wedding!

The Complete Set

If you ever need to really let your inner bacon-lover shine through, maybe at a bacon-themed party or a bacon festival, then this full set of bacon jewellry is definitely for you. Definitely something that you should save for a special occasion!