While working in the incredibly awesome field of bacon promotion (I love my job), you develop a certain level of experience that makes most things merely very exciting instead of mind-blowing and life-changing. For example, when a fast-food chain recently announced that they were selling bacon milkshakes for a limited time, most people were over the moon with bacon-love and excitement. For those of us at the Republic of Bacon, however, it was a great announcement and we were happy to see bacon getting more mainstream love, but we’d all had, and been writing about, bacon milkshakes before. We are ahead of the bacon curve, and so it can be hard to get as worked up about things as the general bacon-loving population. We’ve become the hipsters of bacon.

However, every once in a while, something floats across my bacon radar that changes everything. A completely new idea of product emerges from the depths of someone’s kitchen or the internet, and I find myself as excited as I was the first time I took my first bite of a bacon explosion. I rekindle that first love I had for bacon. Today, I have found something that gave me that feeling again.

Bacon Marshmallows

May I present you with: the maple bacon marshmallow. This little pillow of bacony perfection completely blew my mind this morning. The smoky, complex sweetness of the maple is a perfect foil to the candied saltiness of the bacon. The recipe calls for as dark a grade of maple syrup a you can get your hands on, which gives is a deeper, more pronounced maple flavour. The pillowy softness of a homemade marshmallow also gives these perfect bites as positively ethereal texture.

But, what to do with a bacon marshmallow, other than devour a whole plate greedily? I have come up with some excellent uses for this amazing food, bacon fans.

Hot Chocolate

First, this wold be the perfect marshmallow to float atop a steaming mug of bacon hot chocolate, if you wanted to take your bacon indulgence to the next level. I can’t think of a more perfect way to cap off a day of tobogganing than to come home to a hot mug of bacon hot chocolate with bacon marshmallows.

Sweet Potato Pie

Candied bacon and sweet potatoes have long been considered natural flavour partners; many great sweet potato pie recipes call for a marshmallow topping. Instead of usually marshmallow fluff or meringue, now you can top your pie with bacon marshmallows. Can you see the possibilities for deliciousness?

Rice Krispies Treats

And, of course, what a perfect way to take your Rice Krispies treats to the next level than to make them with bacon marshmallows.

Do any of you have any suggestions for how to best use a bacon marshmallow? We’d love to hear them!