We think that we do a darn fine job here at the Republic of Bacon when it comes to serving your bacon needs, keeping our loyal army of bacon lovers up to date on current bacon affairs. We’ve reported on news and recipes and products and events, and anything else we could think of that a bacon aficionado could possibly be interested in. We’ve even written about bacon being launched into space!

But we know that we can’t cover every angle and perspective, and that there is far too much happening in the world of bacon for one single online publication to cover. Luckily, there are many more great sources of bacon knowledge out there, from writers and bloggers and artists each with their own unique perspectives and voice. For your reading pleasure, here are some of our favourite bacon blogs!

Sky Full of Bacon

Part blog and part video podcast, Michael Gerbert’s site is a great source of bacon knowledge and food writing. Based in Chicago, he writes about his culinary adventures throughout the Midwest. The site has been honoured by the James Beard Foundation as well as Saveur magazine for the excellent of its writing and multimedia features. Check it out!

Mr. Bacon Pants

What began has a humble blog about bacon has grown into a multimedia empire. This site features a great blog, links to other great bacon-related sites, and also boasts the “only internet show about bacon.” Their coverage of current bacon news is particularly great.

Bacon Salt Blog

The official blog for J&D Foods, the mad geniuses behind Bacon Salt and a million other fabulous bacon products. This blog offers a behind-the-scenes look at their intense creative practice, and can also serve as an early alert for upcoming products and specials. They often ask for reader feedback and ideas for products, so head on over and share your own genius!


This great source of bacon knowledge has recently migrated to Tumblr, and seems to be doing very well for the change. Collecting great bacon images, phrases and recipes from all around the web, this is a great way to stay up to date on what people are saying about bacon right now.

Butter & Bacon

While this site is not specifically about bacon, we deeply admire, and agree with, the site name, which was inspired by the two products that designer Zackary Stover places at the top of his every shopping list: butter and bacon. The site features Jeremy’s portraits, prints and other merch, and as a frien to bacon, it is definitely worth checking out!