If we were asked to choose our favourite cooking instruction of all time, it would have to be: “wrapped in bacon.” We maintain there is nothing on the planet, including lettuce and birthday cake, that cannot be improved by wrapping it in bacon. We are also inclined to think that you, our loyal readers, tend to agree. All of the articles and recipes that we have shared about wrapping things have bacon have become ranked as some of the most popular on the site. There is no doubt that bacon lovers will take every opportunity to make their favourite foods even tastier by wrapping them in bacon.

Despite our culinary adventurousness, even we have to admit that, every once in a while, we come across a recipe that surprises us. There are some food that are just plain weird to picture with a strip of bacon wrapped around it, despite how delicious the final product might be. Were are some of the strangest edible things wrapped in bacon that we have ever come across.

Bacon Wrapped Bananas

Right out of the gate, here is something that made us do a double take: bacon wrapped bananas. At first, the idea of wrapping fruit is bacon seems absolutely crazy. However, once you think about it, this dish is really a natural extension of a bacon, banana and peanut butter sandwich. When bananas cook they become very sweet, and their natural sugars end up complimenting the crisp saltiness of the bacon beautifully.

Bacon Wrapped Saltines

You know those plain crackers that most of us eat with soup or snack on, along with ginger ale, when our stomachs are upset? Turns out someone decided to try and wrap them in bacon. While this seems like the perfect recipe for a soggy, greasy mess, the trick to these is cooking them on a grill, leaving the results crispy and surprisingly tasty. We also like the idea of smearing them in barbeque sauce. Another suggestion would be topping each bacony cracker with some sliced tomatoes for mini BLT tapas!

Bacon Wrapped Cherries

We know, more fruit. In the end, we got the bananas, though, because they’ve been classically combined with bacon before. But cherries, a stone fruit? And with thyme? Definitely out of the box! These little nibbles are definitely sophisticated, not too sweet and quite complex. However, as long as you ensure the bacon is crispy, this is a snack that you can set out at a party, have your guests exclaim “how odd!” and look back a second later to see every one devoured.

Bacon Wrapped Tofu

While there is nothing ostensibly weird about wrapping bacon around tofu – which is a very versatile food that is often marinated with lots of bacon friendly flavours – there is something about wrapping a food so emblematic of vegetarianism in bacon that makes us giggle.