When you think about bacon, I am pretty sure that “high-tech” is not what immediately leaps to mind. While bacon has certainly become more of a pop-culture phenomenon before, gaining more fame and loyal fans than ever before thanks to the power of the internet, bacon itself still comes from very humble origins. People have been enjoying bacon in some form since ancient Rome, and our own culture has written lovingly about bacon since at least the Middle Ages. With such a long and storied history behind it, it’s not often that we think of bacon in the context of cutting edge technology.

That said, the as high-tech gadgets further saturate our daily lives more and more each day, bacon has proved itself to be one of those products that adapts to high-tech applications extremely well. A prime example of a new book that is taking the world by storm: The Better Bacon Book, just released from Open Air Publishing. What makes this excellent guide to all things bacon unique is not just the engaging text, lovely illustrations and photography, and easy-to-read step-by-step instructions. What has both the bacon and tech worlds abuzz is that this book does not exist as a physical object; it is available only as an electronic text, an e-book, and is available exclusively for the iPad.

The Future of Publishing…and Bacon

Open Air Publishing, who are responsible for this tome of bacony goodness, create how-to guides developed exclusively for the iPad. In addition to the crisp, lovely images and scintillating text that make a print book excellent, their publications, including The Better Bacon Book, contain features that are not possible to replicate in print, such as sound recordings and video tutorials.

The focus of The Better Bacon Book involves guiding readers through a bacon lover’s ultimate DIY project: making your own bacon. In addition to traditional side bacon, readers can also learn how to make traditional side bacon, lean Canadian bacon, and even pancetta. Once readers have mastered the art of curing their own bacon at home, the books shows them how to put all that delicious smoked and cured meat to good use with a series on scrumptious recipes.

Whether you’re an accomplished do-it-yourselfer who wants complex and detailed instructions on how to make your own smoker in the back yard out of a trash can, or a kitchen novice who just needs some help buying and preparing the very best bacon possible for a Saturday morning breakfast, the Better Bacon Book has something for everyone. If you happen to own the tech, this iPad-exclusive book will bring you and your bacon into the future.

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