Spring has come very early to a lot of North America, and if you are anything like me you are absolutely loving it. If global warming means that I get to relax on a patio with a beer in March, then I am hard pressed to complain. The unseasonable warmth has gotten a lot of people thinking about summer a little earlier than usually, and in addition to putting away all of our sweaters and starting to get into bikini shape, thinking about summer means thinking about barbeque.

While most picture bacon sizzling away in a pan, this King of Meats also works wonders smoking on a hot grill. In honour of the heat and the happiness that has come with us, for this Bacon Love Friday I thought I would pass on some of my favourite ways to grill bacon.

Grill Some Bacon

Seriously, bacon all by itself on a grill works beautifully and tastes damn delicious. The bbq enhances the smoky flavour and allows a lot of the fat to drip away, meaning that you get to enjoy more of the tastiness and less of the great. Just remember to keep your grill nice and greased to avoid sticking.

Green Beans and Bacon

This makes an awesome accompaniment to any barbeque meal and is an awesome alternative to the traditional bacon wrapped asparagus. The bacon and green beans cook together in a tinfoil packet on the same grill that the meat is on, allowing their flavours to mingle together. What a great way to get folks to eat their veggies!

Grilled Bacon Jalapeno

These tasty little nuggets are like jalapeno poppers only way better and baconier. The cream cheese stuffed jalapenos are wrapped in bacon before being grilled to perfection, and are sure to make their lesser, deep-fried cousins jealous.

Bacon-Wrapped Steak

This one is just a no-brainer. Taking a scrumptious piece of beef and tenderly wrapping a strip of bacon around it? Brings a tear to my eye. Nothing screams summer more than this.

Catfish and Bacon

While grilling fish might seem a little bit intimidating, this recipe is well worth the trickiness. The bacon compliments the light and flaky flesh of the catfish beautifully, and presenting this to guests will make you look like a grill master.