Have you ever eaten a sandwich and thought, “Wow, I wish there was more stuff on this sandwich”? Does this happen to you a lot? Do you always feel like you need a little something extra? Well, boy, do I have a sandwich for you. The Muffaletta. It is so absolutely fabulous that it has become the signature sandwich of New Orleans. Yeah… it’s that good. It’s claim to fame? The monster bread piled high with cold cuts, cheese and a signature olive salad. Let’s take it to the next level with smoked provolone, buffalo mozzarella, a fire roasted pepper, grilled eggplant and… wait for it… Bacon. I know. You saw that coming, right? And if you’re wondering: Yes, everything below is going on our sandwich. Get excited.


5 strips Maple Leaf Bacon

1 loaf 8” Sourdough Bread

2 Red Peppers, roasted

½ Eggplant, sliced and grilled

¾ cup Kalamata Olives

¾ cup Garlic Stuffed Green Olives

½ cup Italian Giardiniera (Marinated Vegetables)

1 tbsp Capers

½ Lemon, Juiced

3 tbsp Fresh Oregano leaves

12 Basil Leaves

250g Mortadella

200g Hot Salami

200g Prosciutto

200g Buffalo Mozzarella

100g Smoked Provolone

Makes 4 Big Sandwiches


1. Slice up your eggplant and give it a nice grilling on both sides. This will give it a beautiful flavour that raw eggplant just lacks.

2. On that same hot grill, blacken the outside of your red peppers. Don’t be afraid. When you blacken the skins, because when you peel that off later you’ll be left with the sweetest, most delicious vegetable you’ve ever tasted in your life. I’d put good money on it.

3. Once your peppers are blackened, put them in a bowl and cover the bowl in plastic wrap to steam and cool. We’ll handle them later when they’ve cooled down. In the meantime, grab your olives, giardiniera, capers, lemon juice and oregano and toss them into your food processor. Pulse it a few times so that everything is small, but not a puree.

4. Something like this!

5. Your peppers should be cool by now, so peel and seed them. Try not to eat all the peppers before they go on the sandwich, though.

6. Fry that bacon! Childs play, am I right?

7. Cut your whole sourdough loaf in half. Yes. The whole thing. We’re going to make all the sandwiches at once and cut it later.

8. Scoop in most of your olive mix. You should have some leftover. You’ll also notice that I took some of the bread out of the middle of the loaf. I did this on both sides. This will allow me to get more stuff in the sandwich. Mmmmm, more stuff.

9. Top with some sliced, smoked provolone.

10. Then your mortadella.

11. Your supremely sweet roasted peppers. Yes, I missed a few seeds. Sue me.

12. Then the salami

13. Next comes the buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil

14. Prosciutto, of course

15. BACON!!!

16. Last, but certainly not least, grilled eggplant.

17. Close that bad boy up. You’ll notice that since I hollowed out the bread a bit, the sandwich is still manageable. Massive, but manageable.

18. Cut it into four ridiculously sized quarters…

19. Then chow down on one of the greatest combinations of ten layers humanly imaginable. Almost as good as the ten layers of my cake….