There is no question that bacon represents the highest pinnacle of perfection when it comes to the culinary arts. Here at the Republic of Bacon, we can think of no more beautiful work of art than a perfectly crispy strip of bacon placed next to some buttery toast, sunny-side-up eggs and golden hash browns.

But there is more to art than just food (apparently) and it turns out that bacon has often been the muse – and event the materials of some incredible artists over time. Today, we’re going to highlight sculpture, and take a look at some of the finest works of art in the world that have to do with bacon.

Sculptures By Bacon

So it turns out that being luck enough to carry the name bacon makes one predisposed to greatness. Those named Bacon have been famous writers, painters…and, it turns out, sculptors.

John Bacon was a sculptor who was active during the latter half of the eighteen century. His talented was discovered when he was apprenticed in a porcelain factory, where he very quickly showed a great talent for modelling. He eventually moved on to marble sculptures, and even invented a revolutionary method for recreating the exact dimensions of a model into the form of the stone. He boasted King George III amoung the fans of his work, and many excellent pieces of his work are still on display in churches throughout Briton.

His son, John Bacon Jr., was no slouch behind the chisel either. He started exhibiting work at the age of fifteen and by seventeen he has already won a gold medal from the Royal Academy. He took over his father’s business after the elder Bacon’s death in 1799 and secured many fine patrons himself, carrying on the Bacon legacy; his pieces can be seen in Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Do not think that sculptors named Bacon are only great names of the past; contemporary artists also bear this fine name. Joseph Bacon, who lives and works in the San Francisco Bay area, produces lovely figurative pieces in bronze and terra cotta.

Sculptures Made of Bacon

Not all great sculptures are made of bronze or marble; some more experimental artists often embrace unconventional materials for build their works. Some wild innovators have even decided to use bacon as the medium they work with.

Take, for instance The Meat Horse, made by AuTopsyTurvy as part of a student project for Ohio State University. The horse is made of over 200 pounds of bacon and prosciutto attached to a wood and metal framework. The horse is remarkably lifelike, and the meat is used to create many of the animals features in startling detail. It’s also just rather…okay, it’s pretty darn weird, but definitely original too.

Meta-Bacon Sculpture

There exists a piece both made of bacon and thematically based on bacon. We speak, of course, of the statue of Kevin Bacon that is made out of bacon. Mind = blown.