Easter has always been one of my favourite holidays. Most of the Easter celebrations I remember from my childhood coincide with some of the first really beautiful days of the year, and there are few things that feel quite as joyful as the knowledge that Winter is finally gone for good and Spring is here to stay. Kids and grown-ups love Easter equally, and searching for (and hiding) chocolate eggs and eating delicious meals with families and loved ones is a great way to spend a weekend. And of course, who doesn’t love the tradition of an Easter ham?

Just think, bacon lovers: your Easter celebrations are probably also, in many ways, a celebration of bacon as well. You need energy for those early morning egg hunts, and so a wonderful breakfast including crispy bacon is the perfect way to fuel up for a bust day. Eggs are also a prominent part of most Easter traditions, and what pairs perfectly with that? Bacon, of course!

While bacon and Easter suit each other quite naturally, you may be wondering if there is more you can do to ensure that your celebrations include even more bacon that what might incidentally just occur. Luckily, we at the republic of bacon have found some excellent ideas to make your springtime festivities even baconier.

Chocolate Eggs and Bacon

Who doesn’t love chocolate eggs, wrapped in gold foil, sometimes hidden and waiting to be discovered or sometimes just placed in an overflowing dish, waiting to be devoured. Most of us settle for plain, slightly waxy chocolates favoured by little kids, but for bacon fans with more cultures tastes, Vosges chocolatier has just the thing. Dealing only in the highest quality chocolate, these confectionary geniuses have created something amazing with the Bacon & Eggs Goose’s Golden Eggs chocolates made just for Easter. Each delectable dark chocolate egg is filled with bacon caramel. I’d love to go on a hunt for these!

Bacon Easter Baskets

If chocolate simply won’t do for the hardcore bacon lover in your life, then you’re in luck. Our friends at Bacon Freak have put together a selection of Easter gift baskets that will satisfy any devoted fan for the holiday. Their Easter candy bundle, which includes gummy bacon and a bacon maple marshmallow bar, looks particularly appealing!

Bacon and Egg Easter Basket

Whether you’re the craft sort or particularly handy in the kitchen, this Bacon and Egg Easter Basket designed by Elise’s Kitchen will make a show-stopping showpiece for any Easter brunch. A straightforward bacon weave in modified to become a basket, which in turn becomes the perfect little nest for hardboiled and dyed Easter eggs. Ingenious and completely edible!