April is truly the best month to be a bacon lover. And why is that, you may ask? Well, it turns our that the same month that Spring really comes to stay and that we celebrate Earth Day is even more fantastic: it’s also National BLT month! All month long, we get to celebrate the wonder and deliciousness of our favourite sandwich in the whole wide world, and that makes all of us at the Republic of Bacon very happy folks indeed.

The sandwich that we know as the BLT actually has quite the storied history. Did you know that it has been around since the late Victorian era, and in believed to have descended from the tea sandwiches commonly served at the time? How very proper!

In honour of this fantastic month-long celebration of this wonderful vehicle for bacon, we have decided to revisit some of the best BLT recipes and blog entries to have graced the pages of the Republic of Bacon. Are you ready to drool?

Celebrating the BLT

Last year, we wrote an in-depth history of the BLT for your amusement and edification, detailing the humble origins of this great sandwich and it’s rise to popularity over the years, becoming the second most popular sandwich in North America.

The Perfect BLT

Our bacon experts have spent a great deal of time researching what makes the perfect BLT, and have found that the ideal ratios are scientifically precise. If you want to make your own picture-perfect BLT at home, check out this post for all of the details. Never worry of there’s too much tomato or not enough mayo again!

The Bacon Weave BLT

This is one of my favourite BLT recipes in the history of time. Not only is this an extra bacon loaded sandwich, which is always a great thing, it incorporates one of the true miracles of nature: the bacon weave. The creative aspect of this sandwich really takes the presentation of this BLT to the next level, taking it from humble diner staple to work of art.

What are your favourite BLT recipes? We would love to hear what you think goes into a perfect BLT.