Nothing says indulgence quite like a dish that features bacon. The rich, salty taste is one of those flavours that only only permeates and transforms any dish that it is added to, but immediately causes that dish to become something decadent, the best kind of comfort food. Suddenly, even a salad becomes something to dig into with gusto, a meal that is not just fuel for your body, but a reward and a pleasure.


Sometimes, though, even I wonder if there is a maximum amount of bacon that can permeate the world, a kind of bacon saturation limit. Will there ever be a time when we run out of products that can be effectively baconified? Will we ever find ourselves growing tired of this miraculous food?

Well, if a series of newly unveiled snack foods in any indication, then it seems like bacon is here to stay. The fascinating thing that links these products together as well is that, rather than ordinary foods that need sprucing up with bacon, all of these dishes are already generally considered snacks or occasionally treats. Even foods that are already indulgent can be further improved with bacon!

BLT Chips

We’re all familiar with potato chips that have bacon flavouring on them, usually a sweet and smoky taste somewhat reminiscent of bbq. But what about a chip that is designed to taste like a sandwich? Just in time for National BLT Month (all April, so get celebrating!), a new chip flavour has come to town, one that apparently tastes so much like a BLT that it is eerie. We can’t wait to try these!

Bacon and Egg Ice Cream

We’ve heard of bacon being added to ice cream before, but what about ice cream that tried to emulate a whole bacon and egg breakfast? Served with sweet brioche toast and lots of candied bacon, egg part of the dish comes in the form of a very eggy, custardy ice cream. We have to admit that this frightens us as much as it intrigues is, but we hear it is delicious.

Bacon Sundae

With more and more fast food chains getting ever more ambitious with their use of bacon on their menus, it was only a matter of time before we saw more bacon desserts on the menus. The newest experiment is a bacon sundae that was just introduced by a huge fast food chain that generally specializes in burgers. Currently the sundae is just being tested at their Nashville location, but it could wind up on menus across the nation if the results are positive.