When I was a little kid, there was one particular dinner that my mom would make that made me more excited than anything else: bacon and eggs. Every once in a while, after a particularly long day at the office, picking me up from badminton or dance class and collecting my brother from the park where he was running around with his friends, she would announce that we were having “breakfast for dinner.” There was something fun, something subtly subversive about eating something traditionally served on a late weekend morning on a Tuesday evening instead. As we enjoyed our sunny side up eggs, buttery toast and crispy rashers of bacon, it always seemed that we were somehow getting away with something.

In honour of that fond childhood memory, for this week’s Bacon Love Friday I thought we wold look at some slightly more grown up and sophisticated ways to have breakfast (and bacon!) for dinner, while still getting to enjoy that classic pair of bacon and eggs.

Bacon and Egg Risotto

This brilliant take on bacon and eggs is particularly great because of the risotto’s creamy texture, which pairs with the smoothness of the egg and contrasts to the salty bit of the bacon perfectly. With a little pepper and some parmesan, breakfast becomes a decidedly posh dinner treat.

Breakfast Pizza

Does cracking a couple of eggs on pizza dough, adding some bacon, cheese and pesto, and baking the whole thing off sound crazy to you? It might, but it is also unbelievably delicious.

Scrambled Eggs With Bacon and Avocado

This riff on a very classic and simple breakfast dish is rather ingenious. The Avocado not only makes the meal more substantial, but also adds some sophistication to the meal. We recommend a very hearty bread as well, like a sourdough, to make it even more complex.

Bacon and Egg Pie

While this might initially seem a little more labour intensive than the other items on the list, the leftovers that this pie recipe makes are incredible, so rest assured that you’ll be eating well for several meals. Can you imaging coming home late and helping yourself to a slice? I sure can.

Bacon And Egg Sandwiches

The caramelized onions and arugula takes these sandwiches to the next level, but even that fanciness cannot hide the simply, good, friendly diner feel of this meal. Dig in!