For those bacon-lovers out there into cosmetics and high fashion, you may have noticed quite a bit of interest being generated by every more creative and outrageous forms of nail art. From leopard print patters to complex scenes, for many fashionistas getting a manicure has become a lot more complex that simply a quick buff and a coat of pink polish. You practically need an art degree to apply some of these designs. And since bacon and fine art tend to go hand in hand (at least in our experience), it was only a matter of time before some amazing bacon-inspired nail art started showing up on fashion blogs.

Here are some of out favourite bacon nail-art designs, from simple patterns to complex designs, We;ve even provided tutorials so that you can recreate these amazing bacon nail art looks yourselves!

Bacon is Great

This simple yet sassy basic bacon look was created by Daily Nail, a blog that features a different nail design every single day. This is a great design to start with because it isn’t too complicated, and the bands of colour really do make it look like strips of delicious bacon. Who can blame you if you start biting your nails with this look?

Bacon and Eggs

This great nail art look, featuring a great design of sunny-side up eggs and crispy strips of bacon, is perfect for anyone who would like to celebrate their love to breakfast food. The tutorial was created by the creativity exchange, and features information on the products that they used as well detailed instructions for how to apply it yourself.

Cute Little Pigs

If you don’t want to commit to having full-on strips of bacon painted on your nails, but still want to more subtly hint at your love for this delicious food, then this design might be for you. The predominant colour of the design is pink, so they’re more understated in general, and the cutesy nature of the design makes this nail art a great choice for many casual functions. Whenever you feel particularly playful, this is definitely a design you’re going to want to try!