When you really love something, when there is some item or activity that you are truly passionate about, you can take great pleasure in sharing that with someone. In particular, for those of us that are parent, there are few things more wonderful than sharing the things we love with our children and watching them enjoy those special things too. As a bacon lover, sharing the wonders of bacon with your kids is a fun and delicious activity for the whole family to enjoy. From Sunday morning family brunches that bring everyone together are a wonderful bonding activity, as are weeknight cooking experiments.

Whether your little ones already love bacon, or you’re hoping to encouraging the affinity, we bacon-loving parents may find that a great way to celebrate their family love if bacon is through giving their children bacon toys. And not all of these toys are for kids, either – after all, up to 35% of all adults admit their still sleep with a teddy bear. Why not snuggle up with a plush piece of bacon?

For this edition of bacon love Friday, here are some of our favourite bacon toys on the market right now.

My First Bacon

Not only does this plush, adorable trip of bacon have fantastic googly eyes, he also talks! This is sure to be a hit with little and big kids alike, and would make an excellent present.

Shakin’ Bacon

This exciting board game really keeps players on their toes. Players must serve as much bacon and eggs as possible before time runs out. Not only is this fun, but it teaches your kids valuable bacon skills.

Mr Bacon vs Monsieur Tofu

Help the brave and stalwart Mr. Bacon battle bland tastelessness in his eternal fight against the sinster Monsieur Tofu!

Bendable Mr. Bacon

This toy’s flexible body and funny face make him great fun to play with, and your kids will have an endless good time twisting him into all sorts of different shapes.

Mr Bacon’s Big Adventure

Another great board game, this time its up to you to help Mr. Bacon navigate his way around the board, through places like the Murstard Marsh and the Sausage Sea. First one to the the frying pan wins!