Remember when cell phones were just phones? I remember having a terrible flip phone for age. That thing may as well have been made of wood. It took me forever to text anything, cycling through combinations of taps to write a single character. I remember being fiercely jealous of my friend’s phone, on whose primitive screen he could play Tetris, which was positively futuristic. Now, just a few years later, I have a phone more powerful that the laptop that I used during undergrad; I pretty much run my entire life on this thing. Having such a powerful piece of processing power right in our pockets (say that five times fast!), it was only a matter of time before some enterprising, bacon-loving entrepreneurs decided to make some bacon-oriented apps for smart phones.

Here are some of the most interesting bacon apps out there at the moment. If you’re keeping track of your grocery list, your appointments, and all your social media on your phone, why not leave some space on your device’s memory in honour of bacon love?

The Oracle of Bacon

The mobile app version of the popular website, the Oracle of Bacon is the ultimate cheat for playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Type any celebrity’s name into the oracle and the program will connect that person back to the infamous Kevin Bacon. Definitely a useful app to have on a long car trip when you want to dazzle your friends with your pop culture knowledge.

The Better Bacon App

We’ve written about this great e-book before. The app version of this fantastic online text comes with a comprehensive history of bacon, instructions for making your own bacon, and great bacon recipes, along with video clips, sound bites and step-by-step instructions. Definitely worth your time.

Bacon Rank

This playful app lets you keep track of your bacon consumption, and compare how much bacon you’ve eaten (and in what form) to other “baconistas” around the world. A great app if you like a little competition with your morning rashers.


We absolutely love this app. It has a bunch of great features, all geared towards bacon lovers. It contains a huge repository of bacon recipes, so you’ll always have great meal ideas on the go. There’s also some brain-busting bacon trivia, a great game that allows you to build your own great bacon recipes, and bacon achievements so you can compare your level of bacon knowledge and recipe-building skills with other bacon lovers around the world. Definitely worth exploring!