If I asked you to close your eyes right now and picture someone preparing bacon, what would you imagine? For the vast majority of you, I bet that you are seeing in your mind’s eye someone heating a skillet and laying the streaky bacon strips in the pan, the fat bubbling and the sweet fat crisping up while you watch. I’m sorry, was that your stomach growling or mine?

Though this might be the most common conception of hoe bacon is made, there is another, equally delicious method for making bacon: baking it in the oven. While less popular, and less deeply ingrained on the average bacon-lover’s consciousness, this method is just as effective as sizzling bacon up in a pan.

(Yes, we know you can also microwave bacon. We here at the republic of bacon, however, think that this is a complete travesty).

While cooking bacon in a pan and baking it off in the oven both produce delicious results, there has been some measure of debate about exactly which is more effective. While even we hesitate to wade in to such hotly contested waters, we thought we would put together a quick list of the pros and cons of each preparation method, so that you can choose the one that suits your needs best.

Bacon In The Pan


  • You can more easily control the amount of bacon your prepare, and is suitable for smaller or single servings
  • More control over the exact crispiness of the bacon, as you are actively involved in the cooking process
  • The sheer pleasure of working with your hands and making delicious bacon the traditional way


  • Hot bacon grease might splatter out of the pan, and can be painful if it hits your skin
  • You have to keep a careful watch over the pan to make sure the bacon doesn’t stick or burn
  • Your hair, clothes and everything nearby are going to become covered in tiny fleck of bacon grease

Bacon In The Oven


  • Better for larger cooking projects, enabling you to cook many rashers at once
  • A more even cooking process is possible int he oven, especially with convection heat, ensuring each piece is crisped perfectly


  • Because it is in the oven and out of site, it can be easier to forget about and therefore burn
  • Because you are working with a rimmed baking sheet lined with tinfoil, there is quite a bit more prep and cleanup to this process

What is your favourite way of making bacon?