We all love reading blogs about bacon. It must come as no surprise to hear that I spend a good chunk of my free time scouring the web looking for well-written and engaging posts about bacon. Whether I am looking for bacon recipes, bacon facts, or some fun novelty posts about everyone’s favourite food, blogs are often my primary sources of research.

But there’s a lot more bacon content out there than can be contained on traditional blogging platforms. More and more bacon fans are reaching out on social media to share their bacon knowledge and interact with each other. Twitter, in particular, is rapidly becoming a hub of the online bacon community. Not only do a number of great bloggers use Twitter to keep keep followers and fans updated about new content, they often have brilliant quips and snippets to share throughout the day.

These great bacon Twitter feeds inspired me to put together this particular article. So, without further ado, for this edition of Bacon Love Friday, here is a list of our favourite bacon Twitter feeds!


This is the Twitter feed for none other than our good friends and fellow bacon lovers extraordinaire, J&D Foods. They use their feed to keep their followers informed about new products that they are offering, as well as important pieces of bacon news. They also offer sneak peeks behind the scenes when they are testing out new bacon products!


Keep up to date on the latest news stories, research, and discoveries from this all-bacon news desk. We enjoy imagining what it must be like, having a job as a reporter for the bacon news. Sounds dreamy!


This is the Twitter feed of an incredible food truck in San Francisco. They not only tweet about their daily locations for locals eager to sample their delicious food, but also talk about their love for their products and the fun they have dreaming up new recipes for their fellow bacon lovers.


Tweets from the organizers of the ever-popular Chicago Baconfest. We love that this active Twitter feed also retweets fun and exciting tweets from the chefs and other participants in the Bacon Fest.


Billing themselves as “the definitive bacon news organization,” we are hard-pressed to disagree. We love that they present a great mix of news stories, recipes, and plain old interesting facts about bacon. Give them a follow!