We admit that the Republic of Bacon can be a bit human-centric in its coverage. We generally take a look at the bacon products and bacon events that appeal most to the homo sapiens (yes I had to wikipedia the real name for humans)  in our audience. That said. We are also deeply aware of the fact that many other species think bacon is equally delicious. My cat, for example, will perch as close to me as she can on the arm of the couch, looking as lovely as she possibly can, whenever I am eating bacon in the hope that I will just have to give her a little piece. We’ve also written in the past about bacon events that specifically celebrate our four-legged friends. But we thought it way high time that we again turned our editorial eye to the wonderful relationship between bacon and out pets.

Dogs adore bacon. They tend to go absolutely crazy for it. In fact, there are several products marketed for dogs whose entire premise is based on the fact that they look and/or taste like bacon. To further celebrate the love that the canines on our lives display for bacon, here are a few of our favourite dog-oriented bacon products.

Bow Wow Popcorn

I’m tempted to try this myself, it looks so tasty! This healthy and high-fibre dog treat tastes just like bacon, ensuring your pooch will go mad for it. Because it doesn’t have all the salt of a real piece of bacon, you can feel better about feeding it to your dog too!

The Bubble Buddy

Everyone knows that dogs love chasing and popping bubbles. But what if it were possible to make those bubbles smell like bacon? The Sizzlin’ Bacon scented dog bubbles make sure your dog is going to go crazy for this. You know what, forget the dog – I want to frolic in some bacon-scented bubbles on a hot summer afternoon!

Bakon Toy

This squeaky, durable and super-fun bacon-shaped toy is just perfect for a trip to the park. We bet every other pooch there is going to be terrible jealous as your pup plays tug of war with this!

Home -made Bacon Dog Treats

If you’re in the mood to spoil your dog and do some baking, them why not whip up a batch of these amazing peanut butter and bacon dog treats. We are sure that your best friend will love you for it.