I ended up in Greek town today and I stopped for lunch at my favourite souvlaki place. Without a doubt, their souvlaki is way better than mine. One of my favourite parts is the tzatziki that they slather all over their perfectly grilled pita. Is so fresh tasting – a wonderful combination with the grilled pork (or whatever you like on your souvlaki) and chopped veggies. I just had to make a version of my own… with a little twist.


3 strips Maple Leaf Hearty Slice Bacon

500g Greek Yogurt

1 lemon Juiced and zested

¼ English Cucumber, diced

10-15 Sundried Tomatoes

1 tbsp Dried Oregano


1. Fry that bacon

2. Chop them veg

3. Mix that chopped veg with yogurt. Don’t forget the oregano and lemon juice and zest

4. Add the chopped bacon (don’t forget some of the bacon grease!)

5. Serve with some pita or on a souvlaki, or as a side with some grilled kebabs. This stuff goes with almost anything… and RIDICULOUSLY easy to make. Essentially no cooking, other than frying bacon. I don’t even count that as cooking because I believe everybody is born with the innate ability to fry bacon. Go off and enjoy!