One of the things that makes bacon such a lovable food (aside from its otherworldly deliciousness) is how ridiculously easy it is to prepare. One of the very first things the average young adult learns to cook, is bacon. Cooking up a full package of crispy rashers is as easy as heating up a pan and watching the strips of porky goodness sizzle until they reach the desired level of crunchiness. While great culinary minds have turned their creative impulses to bacon to make mind-blowing dishes, the simple goodness of bacon is something that even someone with basic cooking skills can make for themselves, or for guests.

Because of how easy it is to make, bacon may not be the first thing that we think to order in a restaurant. Despite my all-consuming love for bacon, sometimes I skip over the simple goodness of bacony dishes on restaurant menus, just because I am convinced I could make most dishes (probably better) in my own kitchen. However, there are some restaurants that have taken the preparation of bacon to a level of genius that even I must bow to.

As the world’s love of bacon continues to grow, more and more restaurants are holding special events celebrating bacon, making bacon-heavy dishes a staple of their menus, and even planning their entire culinary identities around this well-loved meat. Here are a few restaurants spreading the bacon love!


This Atlanta-based restaurant is proudly dedicated to serving an all-bacon menu. Every dish contains bacon, and a lot of it. For example, they serve a bacon BLT that substitutes woven sheets of bacon of bread, and even the water that is served at the table is flavoured with bacon!


While this joint has no fixed address, the Lardon food truck is sure to satisfy your bacon cravings. If you’re lucky enough to find where it is parked on a particular day in downtown L.A., be sure to try a bacon taco or bacon brownie.

Restaurant Three

This Arlington resto has become famous for it’s annual Bacon Week. Every October, the restaurant does away with its usual menu to celebrate all this bacon, offering an all-bacon tasting menu that is out of this world!

Edible Canada

This fabulous little take-out window, located on scenic Granville Island in Vancouver, B.C., opened just recently and is celebrating it’s arrival with an all-bacon menu. Dubbed the “Tribute to Bacon,” the dishes reflect the regional cuisine of Canada with a bacon twist. We hear their bacon banana bread with whipped maple butter is to die for!